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At Miku and Sons Roofing, we provide tile roof repair, tile roof replacement and tile roof installation in Phoenix, AZ and its surrounding cities. Tile is a great material for roofing in the Phoenix communities due to the heat resistant and insulating features. This makes tile a positive feature to add to your home, especially in the Desert Southwest.

The architectural look of the Southwest is captured perfectly by tile roofing as it helps blend man made homes into the natural desert landscapes. Common tile roofing types in Arizona are concrete, clay and sand-cast.

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Advantages of Tile Roofs:

Long Lasting – Tile is the most durable of all roofing materials, tile roofing can last up to 40 years or more!

Curb Appeal – As stated earlier, tile roofing perfectly captures the spirit of the Southwest with the natural colors that stay consistent with the desert surroundings all year round.

Safety – Tile roofing is naturally fire resistant and the tiles can be made to look like wood, metal and other materials that aren’t as fire retardant in order to keep the look while avoiding the potential fire hazard. Tiles are also resistant to rotting and natural phenomena like insects.

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Disadvantages of Tile Roofs:

The weight on your home’s structure – Tile is very, very heavy. Tile is so heavy that you will most likely need to reinforce your property’s framing in order to be able to bear the weight of the entire tile roof. You may need to hire a structural engineer to assess and apply the necessary reinforcements where they may be needed. This is an expense that should be added to the total cost of your roofing installation estimate and your overall construction in general.

Maintenance on Tile Roofs:

The tiles on top of your roof will probably never wear out, but the material the tiles rest on, the underlayment, can wear out every 8-20 years. Its also tough to reapply. If you don’t keep up with regular inspections and maintenance, this decay over time will cause your roof to develop leaks and cracked tiles due to warping. The job of replacing the underlying layers involves hiring a professional roofing contractor to come in and remove the tiles off the material that needs to be replaced. The roofer will then reapply the replacement material and place the tiles back over it, making it look and perform good as new.

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Cost of Tile Roofing:

Tile roofing can be very expensive. The price can be as high as $300 per square for new tiles. Add in the cost of reinforcing the frame structures of your home, if needed, and the need to replace the material underneath the tile and you may be looking at a pretty big number, no matter what size your property may be.


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