Roof leaks, even the small ones, never seem to happen at the right time, often resulting in the choice to put off doing a repair until a later date. Whether this decision is based on a tight household budget, not thinking you can a afford a professional roof repair contractor, or the thought that a small leak can be managed with the strategic placement of a bucket to catch drops falling from the ceiling, delaying a repair by a roof repair contractor will likely lead to a variety of additional issues and a much higher cost to fix than that of the original problem. Here are some examples of bigger issues that can result from procrastinating on fixing a small roof leak with your trusted roof repair contractor: 

Have a Roof Repair Contractor Fix Your Leak

Damage to paint and drywall materials – The nature of roof leaks is that they will grow over time, saturating larger areas with increasing amounts of water. Delaying a repair by your roof repair contractor can start bubbling paint and/or staining ceilings and walls if the water is carrying roofing materials such as tar with it. Repeated saturation also starts breaking down drywall materials, turning them from a solid structure to a powdery substance.

Deterioration of insulation materials – Insulation materials lose their effectiveness when damp, with an immediate result being an increase of demand on heating/cooling systems and higher energy bills. Additional costs can be incurred if cold and wet conditions keep insulation from drying out, creating the ideal environment for mildew. The combination of compromised insulation and mildew growth will require replacement of the affected materials.• Electrical issues – Water leaking down the walls can potentially lead to electrical shock and/or short out electrical circuits.

Roof Repair Contractor Will Solve Your Leak Problem

Structural deterioration – In addition to breaking down drywall, framing and beams that are constantly exposed to moisture over the long term can start rotting as well, with the result being a steady decline in structural support. Once this process of degradation starts, it is difficult to stop and will ultimately necessitate the re-building of the home’s structural support system.

The growth of black mold – The damp environment created by a roof leak not addressed by a roof repair contractor can result in the rapid build-up of mold that releases mycotoxins in high enough quantities to cause a variety of respiratory ailments including asthma, bronchitis, and other allergic reactions. These types of mold spores are particularly dangerous to people with weakened respiratory and immune systems.

Have a Roofer Inspect Your Roof Annually

Regardless of the size of a roof leak, significant damage and other problems can result in a home over time. By moving quickly to fix a leak with a professional roof repair contractor once it is detected, you can get repairs done when they are at their least expensive point, while also avoiding other issues that can be costly as well as hazardous. Call your local trusted roof repair contractor and make sure all the minor leaks in your roof are taken care of so they don't become big problems.

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