The Effects of Cool Roofing

Foam Roof Installation

There’s a lot of chatter in recent years about foam roof installation otherwise known as white or “cool” roofing options. Basically the thought is that dark colors, roofs constructed of asphalt or tar materials, take in heat, which increases the utility bills for the property they are installed on. Whereas white, or light colored materials which reflect the heat.

The main point being that lighter colored materials, like white spray foam, will help the occupants save money over time.  Not to mention reduced energy costs. The government has encouraged property owners to go with foam roof installation on their properties. They are also suggesting that all future roofing be lighter or white in color.

One Thing That Is a Factor in Foam Roof Installation… Where Your Property is Located.

In areas like Phoenix or Tucson, for example, where AC systems are used for a great portion of a calendar year, it would seem like an easy choice. And, there are some states, like California, that are forcing commercial buildings to go with a foam roof installation.

But, in cooler areas of the country, like Minneapolis or Chicago, it’s a little more complicated. There are some studies that show in the colder winter months, white roofing might actually increase heating expenses. The debate is about how much it actually does. The question is whether the decrease in cooling costs in the summer months will compensate for a possible increase in heating costs in the winter. Studies have disputed this, showing that the energy savings through air conditioning bills outweighs any negatives, even in colder climates like Chicago.

The other main factor is how cool roofing is, or can have on slowing down the effects of global warming. One major study found that the heat reflected off of white, cool roofing does affect climate change by putting more heat into the atmosphere, which absorbs more carbon emissions. Past studies had made claims that white roofing have a cooling effect, not a warming one.

Foam Roof Installation and The Environment

Know The Factors

So, you should know all the factors involved in the particular area where you reside before making any decisions. You should way all the pros and cons of your options and choose the one that best fits your locality and budget. There are several types of reflective materials to make your choice from.

You could also benefit from some local financial incentives from your governing bodies. There are states that offer their citizens rebates if they install white, cool roofing. Also incentives may be being offered by the various utilities in your city, county or state. On a roof with a dark surface, the temperature can get as hot as 180 degrees. on a warm sunny day. If your roof heats up like this, it will impact your property’s interior, which might be great in Chicago during a winter months. However this is not the case in Arizona during the summer, as heat will get inside and rise. You’ll need to use more air conditioning as the temperature inside increases as a result.

Roof Color & Heat Islands

Also, a dark roof will disperse heat back into the air, increasing a city’s heat island affect. The cumulative effect is  the planet’s solar reflectance by absorbing the heat from the sun and its rays. Scientists believe that this is having an impact on global warming and climate change.

This has created a movement towards government agencies recommending white, reflective roofing. For reflecting heat, white roofs are a great solutions due to their smooth exterior. Several major tests that have been completed have shown that dark materials, like shingles, asphalt and tar, only reflect 5-10% of the sun’s rays. This also means temperatures rise 70 to 90 degrees more than the air around them. White roofing materials, on the other hand, will reflect as much as 25% of the suns rays with a 50 to 70 degree difference in the surrounding air. Some materials will reflect as much as 35% and only 60 degree differences.

Mikku and Sons Roofing (623) 465-1068 provides quality foam roof repair, foam roof installation, foam roof replacement and other roof repair services to the surrounding Phoenix area communities. We’ve been a reputable, quality roofing contractor since 2001. Call us when you have any questions about installing or repairing a foam roof on your property.

Emergency Roof Repair Contractors

Mikku and Sons Roofing has been helping residents throughout Phoenix since 2001. Our experienced and friendly crew members can inspect your roof and help you get it ready for the monsoon season to help you reduce the risk of damage. But, if your roof does have damage due to monsoon storms, we are ready to help you with quick and complete roof repair. We have experience in all types of roofs, including tile, shingle and flat roofs on both personal residences and commercial property. We are fully licensed and insured and make it our mission to provide quality workmanships and exceptional service.

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Is Spray Foam Roofing Right For You?

Spray Foam Roofing

Flat Roof Replacement You Can Count On

It’s not easy to choose the type of roof you want if you’re looking to replace your existing one. However, there is one clear choice, especially if you have a flat roof, from all the options out there. – a spray foam roofing system. Here, we’ll go over the main pluses of spray foam roofing and why it’s a great choice.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of a Spray Foam Roof Replacement


Easily Repaired

If they are minor repairs that are needed, you may not even need to call a pro. You can fix small punctures or cuts with a tube of exterior polyurethane caulk. Fill the cut or puncture with caulking, texture it to match the roof, and voila!, you just repaired your roof yourself! Unlike other roofing systems – you don’t have to have a professional flat roof repair contractor make these minor repairs.


Easily Works With Your Drainage Configuration

If they aren’t installed properly, a flat roof can have serious drainage issues during heavy rains, which can damage your roof’s structure. You can get proper drainage with a foam roof by applying several layers with different thicknesses to make the water flow to the right areas for proper drainage. By applying the foam strategically in this way, you can virtually eliminate the drainage issues associated with other flat roofing systems.


Saves Money

You will have less leaking issues with spray foam roofing. because it is seamless and has no gaps. It has no overlapping materials and zero seams. This means it has a surface that is pretty much impermeable because of its membrane comprised of polymers. This makes it a much more secure roofing system because you will have fewer issues and their corresponding costs from repairs and water damage.


Energy Efficiency

Spray Foam roofing is an excellent insulator. It will save you money due to its outstanding R values of R-6 to R-7 per inch. much better than fiberglass insulation. This will save you money through your utility bills. You could save as much as 30% or more over other flat roofing systems. As a result, you should be able to pay for your new spray foam roof over about the first five years of its lifespan.

Spray Foam Roofing Contractors With Experience and Integrity

Weathers Storms Well

In high wind situations,  your roof and its materials are usually the most vulnerable components of your home. In high wind situations, metal roof panels, shingles and tiles can be blown loose and become dangerous being blown through the air at high velocity. Spray foam roofing adheres to the roof because of its seamless application. Which means there isn’t anything to be blown off the top of the roof and traveling through the air. Also, as other debris is flying through the air and hitting your roof, it will resist damage when its struck by them. There is also less chance that you will experience flooding and water damage due to its ability to withstand storms. By having greater resistance to these extreme conditions, you’ll save time and resources through insurance premiums and less claims.

Good For the Environment

When you tear off old roofing systems, they create a lot of waste that ends up in landfills or recycling centers. Spray foam roofing can be applied directly on top of your existing roof, leaving little to  no waste material. Also, you won’t ever need to completely replace your roof again. You just periodically and routinely maintain the roof by using sealant on problem spots and you’re good to go.

You Can Walk On It

Spray foam roofing is very durable and safe to walk on. This allows you to have access to your roof, making you able to check on problem issues yourself if needed and have easy access to the vents, pipes and ac units. There are also no overlapping seams or materials, as stated earlier, that you can trip over. Its safer for homeowners and roofing contractors alike due to its smooth, textured and even surface.

You Won’t Need a New Roof Again

As we’ve mentioned, spray foam roofs have long lifespans, they’re easy to maintain and less expensive to repair and update. You can just apply an update to the membrane about every 20 years at around 50% of what it would cost for a new foam roof, unlike  other roofing systems that need to be completely torn off and replaced when they’re useful life is over. The cost savings involved with these two scenarios is substantial. You won’t have to spend your money on expensive roof replacements ever again due to its long lifespan and ease of repair and maintenance.

Mikku and Sons Roofing (623) 465-1068 provides quality foam roof repair, foam roof installation, foam roof replacement and other roof repair services to the surrounding Phoenix area communities. We’ve been a reputable, quality roofing contractor since 2001. When you need advice on any type of flat roof repair or replacement from a reliable, experienced roofing contractor, give us a call.

Emergency Roof Repair Contractors

Mikku and Sons Roofing has been helping residents throughout Phoenix since 2001. Our experienced and friendly crew members can inspect your roof and help you get it ready for the monsoon season to help you reduce the risk of damage. But, if your roof does have damage due to monsoon storms, we are ready to help you with quick and complete roof repair. We have experience in all types of roofs, including tile, shingle and flat roofs on both personal residences and commercial property. We are fully licensed and insured and make it our mission to provide quality workmanships and exceptional service.

Call us today at (623) 465-1068 to find out how we can help you prepare your roof for the coming monsoon season or to repair it after a storm.

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  • Why Foam Roofing

Why Foam Roofing is a Great Option

Why Foam Roofing?

An Excellent Choice

Spray foam roofing (SPF) is an excellent choice for a flat roof because of its insulation properties and seamlessness. It has a long lifespan, if its been installed correctly, which takes skill and special equipment for the project.

Benefits of a Spray Foam Roof Installation

  • A spray foam roof has a relatively quick installation process. Depending on the size and features of your roof, you could have a new SPF roof in a day. You can also install SPF over the top of an existing roof which can save a lot of time and money by avoiding a roof tear-off.
  • SPF roofing is also low in volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s.
  • SPF roofing causes very little disruption for the property owner.

Mistakes to Avoid in SPF Installation

  • The roof substrate has to be clean. Any debris or water can keep the material from adhering properly to the substrate, which can cause ruptures in the future.
  • An SPF installation must be be done on a clear and calm day. Wind could make the spray foam fly where you don’t want it.
  • Proper safety equipment has to be used. Small droplets of foam can end up all over the place, so you need to make sure any equipment or electronics are put away or covered. Let the installers do their job, but it might be a good idea to be close by to clean any drops that land on the exterior of your property. Spray foam dries in minutes, and it cab be very difficult to remove.

Foam Roof Installation and Finding an Experienced Contractor

How It Works

Spray foam roofing sounds easy enough. Two ingredients are mixed using special equipment attached to a truck or trailer. A chemical reaction starts as soon as the ingredients are mixed together. Heated hoses bring the mixture forward to a spray gun, which is used to apply the foam to the roof with a thickness of 1 to 2 inches. The liquid then foams, expands and hardens. An elastomeric coating is applied to protect the foam from UV rays.

This installation takes skill and experience. The equipment is too specialized for a one-off job. Only an experienced pro will be able to mix the components correctly, at the right temperature, and apply the liquid properly while anticipating how much the foam will expand.

This is a widely recognized and highly effective building envelope material, with roofing systems being one of the main application categories. A high-performance product with a lot of incredible benefits, spray foam has gained popularity builders and roofing contractors. Like a lot of building products, installation should always be performed by a professional, experienced installer utilizing correct handling and installation techniques, with safety precautions employed and followed.

Dual Purpose Material

The foam serves dual purposes as a protective roofing material and as a thermal insulation solution. A roof’s main purpose is to protect what is underneath it. SPF roofing systems provide durable protection for the structure and personal items contained below. Its lightweight, as most SPF roof systems weigh less than a pound per square foot. Its also seamless and self-flashing, and highly resistant to severe weather, wind and foot traffic. Once its installed, it requires minimal maintenance, providing more strength to the roofing system. It works well in most of the country’s geographic regions and climates.

Insulation Properties

It also works well as both an air and moisture barrier. Not only does it protect against water and moisture intrusion, but it also reduces air movement through the roof system, which improves indoor air quality and lowers the energy use of the building.

Because the roof of a building is a big source of heat loss, the insulating qualities of the SPF helps to provide excellent indoor temperatures and energy efficiency. As a thermal insulator, it has one of the highest R-values per inch of all roofing insulations. And, because spray foam is fully adhered, there are no thermal intrusions from fasteners. Keeping heat inside the property during colder months and keeping heat out in warmer months. It reduces heating and air conditioning demands, which lowers energy expenses during its lifespan, which can be 30 to 50 years with the right maintenance. In warmer areas, reflective roof coatings can also be added over the SPF to further reduce cooling expenses.

Why Foam Roofing In Summary

Roof performance isn’t measured by just one factor (like R-value). Rather, the success of a roofing system is accomplished by reviewing combined considerations for air movement, moisture control, health, safety, durability, occupant comfort and energy efficiency. An SPF roof scores high marks in all of these categories.

Emergency Roof Repair Contractors

Mikku and Sons Roofing has been helping residents throughout Phoenix since 2001. Our experienced and friendly crew members can inspect your roof and help you get it ready for the monsoon season to help you reduce the risk of damage. If your roof has damage from monsoon storms, we are ready to help you with quick and complete roof repair. We have experience in all types of commercial and residential roofs, including tile, shingle and flat roofs. We are fully licensed and insured and make it our mission to provide quality workmanships and exceptional service.

Call us today at (623) 465-1068 to find out how we can help you prepare your roof for the coming monsoon season or to repair it after a storm.

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Spray Foam Roofing Myths

Foam Roof Installation Contractors

In the Desert Southwest, spray foam roofing is a great solution for flat or low sloped roofs. But, the experts at Mikku and Sons Roofing (Phoenix roofing contractors since 2001 and extensively using spray foam) have found a lot myths and misconceptions about this roofing choice that a lot of their customers have been concerned about before taking advantage of this option.

In order to show consumers the value and versatility of spray foam, Mikku and Sons wants to shed light on several myths:

#1: SPF costs too much.
Spray foam roofing is very affordable compared to other options. The cost is about the same as a single layer of asphalt shingles. As a matter of fact, with the rising cost of oil, the expense of asphalt shingles (an oil-based product) is going up, while spray foam pricing has remained fairly constant.

#2: SPF isn’t durable.
Research has shown that properly applied roofing foam can last as long as 50 years when applied correctly and maintained by re-coating it on a regular basis. There are foam roofs that were applied over 40 years ago that are still holding up well.

#3: SPF is too toxic.
Spray polyurethane foam is just a type of plastic that has been altered slightly and has been used to make the millions of bottles that are used in the food manufacturing industry — bottles that are used for bottled  water, soft drinks, ketchup, mustard, mayo and hundreds, maybe thousands of other products that are consumed in households throughout our country every day.

Foam Roof Repair Companies

#4: SPF isn’t a good insulator.
Foam roofing is a great option for insulating your property or business from heat, especially on flat or slightly sloped roofs. The closed cell structure gives SPF one of the highest R-Values (thermal resistance) of all roofing materials that can be used on your property, and it makes it very moisture resistant as well as being highly fire resistant, which is great for insurance rates.

#5: SPF is not energy efficient.
Texas A&M University studied the energy use of its campus buildings before and after they applied Spray foam on its building’s roofing systems. They studied more than eight million square feet of SPF roofing on their campus, and found that their energy savings completely paid for the expense of Texas A&M’s SPF roof systems in three to four years.

Mikku and Sons Roofing (623) 465-1068 provides quality Phoenix roof repair services and has been a Phoenix roofing contractor since 2001. If you’re looking for a professional, experienced roofing contractor to get good advice about how a spray foam roof could benefit your property, give us a call.

Mikku and Sons Roofing

Should You Install a Foam Roof?

Flat Roof Installation

Flat Roofing Comparison

Usually, a polyurethane foam roof costs about equal to a Built Up Roof (BUR) with underlying insulation. But, foam roofs are unique because they’re the only roof type that both insulates and protects against leaks with a single monolithic barrier.

Different Materials

There are a lot of flat roofing materials, but all are not equal in quality. An EPDM (rubber roof) or single ply roof, sealed either by tars or adhesives are not as high quality as a typical BUR roof. The reason is they usually last less than 10 years, while a higher quality BUR roof may last a lot more than 10 years. Usually, a BUR roof is built with a few semi-flexible membrane layers, and then water-proofed with water resistant modified bitumen.

Flat Roof Installers

Remember, coal tars are a known carcinogen (not as severe as asbestos – otherwise, this would be more widely known). Modified bitumen, however, comes from oils, refined at much lower temperatures than coal tar, and is a much safer substance. The fluctuating prices in the cost of a barrel of oil gets passed on to the roofing industry. As the costs of asphalt roofing materials continue to increase, and the cost of a high quality polyurethane foam roof remains more steady, that makes SPF or foam roofing more affordable for consumers.

Comparing Costs

Cost, of course, can vary due to a lot of factors, like geographic location, and size and type of the project. Prices might be estimated anywhere between $3-$12 per square foot, and this can be effected by several other factors – the quality of the materials used, the labor costs to install these materials, and any associated warranty, contractor insurance, or bonding costs which will get passed on to the customer.

Flat Roof Installation Contractors

Initial Cost Factors:

  • Roof Size: for example, large projects are often cheaper per square foot due to installation efficiencies gained with economies of scale.
  • Roof Penetrations and obstructions: if your roof has a lot of obstructions – skylights, pipes, and AC equipment for example, you can expect higher installation costs due to increased labor requirements.
  • Materials Used: EPDM and Single ply roofs are cheaper materials that won’t last as long. Higher quality roofing such as polyurethane foam may cost a little more, but it will insulate more efficiently and could last the life of the building. In contrast, a roof, such as Tar & Gravel, with insulation will expense about the same as an SPF roof.
  • Location: Is your property in a convenient local location, or will your contractor’s crews have to drive a significant distance to reach your property?
  • Condition of Existing Substrate & Roof: Can the current roof membrane be re-used, or does it need to be torn off? Is asbestos or other harmful substances under your roof membrane that have to be dealt with? Is there dry-rot or other failing materials. Do drains, vents, skylights or other roof penetrations need to be replaced or repaired?
  • Are you thinking of installing solar power or replace your vents & drains, etc? It’s a lot more cost effective to do all of this at once. What if if your solar power installers caused a leak in your roof, and neither contractor (roofing or solar) wanted to fix the issue because they each blamed the other. If you’re thinking of installing solar, now would be a good time to coordinate the two installations simultaneously.

Long Term Considerations

If you’re going to install a roof, it’s good to think about the long term cost impact. If you have decided to install a foam roof, the insulation factor can pay off big in the long run. Also, think about adding cool roof coatings; just by changing the color of a roof to something reflective can lower summer cooling bills by 30% or more. Medium Density Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofing conforms to a roofs corners and angles and usually has an R-Value around 6 to 8 per inch of thickness. In layman’s terms, one inch of foam is as effective as 6 to 8 inches of solid wood.

In reality, due to things like vapor trapping (foam forms a barrier), and the density of foam (it is light, but heavier than air–of course), foam can be 4 times more effective than fiberglass. If you have lived in an older, poorly insulated home, you know that heating and cooling bills can really get out of control with a poor insulation. This is just one final cost factor which should be considered when you’re comparing an insulated roof like SPF with other roofing materials, like EPDM, Single Ply, or BUR, with no insulation.


Foam roofing is a great choice here in Arizona for covering a flat roof due to its great insulating factors and its great looks. If you need help deciding whether a foam roof is right for you, please give us, Mikku and Sons Roofing LLC, a call at 623-465-1068. We’re a foam roofing installation contractor and can lay out all your options, helping you choose the one that fits your budget and your property.


Advantages of Foam Roofing

Phoenix Foam Roofing Contractors

Polyurethane spray foam roofing has been used for a long time, but has recently become much more popular. If your old roof needs to be replaced, switching to foam could make sense in a lot of ways. Here are five strong reasons why foam roofs are a good choice.

1 – Provides a Very Tight, Waterproof Seal
Foam roofs don’t have seams, and form a tight, even seal around vents, pipes and chimneys, which provides a sturdy, waterproof seal that reduces the odds of moisture getting into seams and between cracks in openings. Because of this, one of the most important foam roof advantages is the fact that it provides better leak protection than other roofing. Foam also doesn’t contract and expand over time, which means the tight seal won’t break either.

2 – Better Insulation Quality
Spray foam is an excellent insulator that can greatly lower your heating and cooling expenses. Since it has no seams, heat can’t easily escape from your property during the winter. Also, because this roofing material is white means it will stay cooler in the summer too.

Foam also insulates well against outside noise, which means your home will be mare quiet and calm inside after having Mikku and Sons Roofing add this material to the surface of your roof. This is a big advantage if you live in a highly trafficed area or, if maybe you currently have a metal roof, which transmits a lot of sound.

Foam Roofing Contractors

3 – Durability
Foam roofs don’t ever wear out, provided you are maintaining it correctly. Ideally, the roof should be re-coated after five years to keep it in top shape. After the first re-coating, you’ll only need to have this service repeated once every twenty years. As long as you follow the recommended maintenance routine, you shouldn’t have any problems with your roof at all.

Not only do foam roofs last longer than other roofing systems, but they are also rugged and sturdy enough to walk on. Which means you won’t have to worry about safety whenever it’s time to clean the roof or have someone perform repairs.

4 –  Its Environmentally Friendly
Spray foam can be installed directly over the top of other roofing materials, which could mean eliminating the need to rip them off the roof and dispose of them in a landfill. Also, since foam roofs last so long, you won’t have to worry about adding to landfill waste at a later time either. And, one last thing regarding the environment, the foam used in foam roofing is non-toxic and doesn’t produce any harmful fumes, making it safe to be inside using your your home while the work is going on up on the roof.

Foam Roofing Companies

5 – Its More Attractive
Your roof shouldn’t be just for protection, but also add to the beauty and curb appeal of your property as well. Foam roofs are attractive, and work well with homes of all styles and construction types. White foam matches well with any exterior siding, but, you can also have foam tinted beige, tan or light gray if that would match your property better. One big advantage of white foam, however, is the fact that it doesn’t fade when exposed to UV rays, so your roof will continue to look like new much longer than tinted ones.

At Mikku and Sons Roofing, we would like to point out to you that there are many other foam roof advantages in addition to the ones we’ve listed here. To find out more about them, give us a call at (623) 465-1068 or request an estimate through our website today.

Tips for Foam Roofing Maintenance

Foam Roof Installation

If you have a foam roof, you have the best type of flat roof your property could have. They have a lot of great advantages:

1 – It has a tight waterproof seal
2 – It has superior Insulation qualities
3 – Its very durable
4 – Its environmentally friendly
5 – Its attractive

More than likely it was this list of advantages that convinced you to choose a foam roof originally. But, just like any other type of roof, foam roofs also need to be properly maintained. 

Foam Roof Installation Contractors

These tips for should make this an easier task for property owners:

Make Sure to Keep it Clean
Every roof needs to be kept clean, so this should go without saying. Every year, you should go up and take a look for yourself to see whether any obvious maintenance is needed. If you can, though, you should go up on your roof once every season just to be careful. It’s also a good idea to check the roof after any major monsoon storm, just to make sure nothing got blown on top of it or damaged anything. The good news is that the cleaning can probably be done by you yourself. Clearing bird’s nests, leaves, tree branches and other debris can easily be done by hand and will help protect your foam roof.

One thing a foam roof won’t attract is pests like rodents and insects, so you won’t have to worry that cleaning it also means you’ll have to deal with these little nuisances.

Foam Roof Repair Companies

Check for Color and Texture Issues
When you’re up on your roof, check to see if any areas look like they’re beginning to get discolored discolored. You should also check the texture. This is why you want to do more than just cleaning to properly maintain your foam roof. You should walk over the whole structure to make sure it still has a texture that looks something like an orange peel. Anything else should make you concerned. Typical problem signs are textures that might resemble popcorn of scrambled eggs, strangely enough. Either one is probably a sure indication that your foam roof has been damaged in some way.

Obviously, if you notice that the roof is being exposed in any way or its showing signs of deterioration beyond the texture issues we just spoke about, you definitely have a problem.

Remove Any Objects You Don’t Need
Some property owners put furniture and other such things on the surface of their foam roof. While this might be a good way to take in a view, keep in mind that these unnecessary items could also damage the very material you’re depending on to keep your property watertight. Putting it bluntly, the less you use the roof as a platform, the less the foam is likely to need expensive repairs or more than normal maintenance.

Don’t Re-coat the Roof Yourself
Foam roof maintenance is something that can be handled by the property owner, but re-coating the roof most definitely is not. The process may look simple and easy, but it involves a specific and critical form of cleaning using the correct materials in specified amounts. If you decide to try re-coating the roof on your own, you’’re going be inviting more expensive problems in the future. You should leave repairs and re-coating to qualified professional flat roofing contractors.

Far a certified, professional foam roofing contractor, call Mikku and Sons Roofing and Repair at (623) 465-1068 for a free estimate on any of your foam roofing needs.


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