Paradise Valley Flat Roof Repair

Paradise Valley Flat Roof Repair

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Flat roofing has been around a long time, but it still has a place in today’s communities. In Phoenix, they are still installed as effective, inexpensive and durable roofing option for property owners. They have a unique Southwestern.  They’re easy to repair and replace, common in Phoenix homes and often used along with sloped roofs.

Common Types of Flat Roofing

Built-Up Roof

The built-up roof (BUR) system is built with hot tar. Its a very affordable flat roof option and a very popular one. Built up roofing systems are based on a couple layers of hot tar with a water resistant material between the layers. To give the flat roof a durable finish, a broad layer of crushed stone is installed on top.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is another popular flat roofing material in Phoenix communities. This kind of flat roof used to require a dangerous installation process such as burning the material on the roof, but now it can be safely installed using adhesives. The ability to build modified bitumen’s mineral surface with light colors allows the roof to reflect the sun’s heat, which is a big feature given Phoenix’s hot and sunny climate.

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Cool Flat Roofing

Flat roofing in Phoenix often has a white layer on top. It helps to keep the sun and its heat under control. The white coating also expands and contracts temperatures rise and fall. This helps your property stay cool, so you enjoy a cooler environment and lower energy bills.

Understanding & Overcoming the Challenges of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs have basic problems and challenges. As an example, drainage can be the biggest problem with flat roofs because they don’t have any significant slope. A drainage issue could also lead to leaks and mold. You use water tight seals to solve this problem. Plastic or rubber can be used to provide a leak-proof flat roof. Another great way to avoid this issue is to use some pitched roof along with flat sections. No one needs water pooling on, in or around their property. At Mikku and Sons Roofing, we use successful methods to ensure that your flat roof is installed perfectly.

Maintenance of flat roofing is another issue that is often cited by property owners trying to decide on a roof. Some are discouraged about getting a flat roof for their property due to being misinformed. While there are concerns, we say the key is to use the right materials, installation procedures and methods for installing a flat roof.

Get a Beautiful, Energy-Efficient Affordable Flat Roof

At Mikku and Sons Roofing we make sure your flat roof system is professionally installed, which includes choosing the best quality, most suitable materials and planning the roof installation based on your property, construction needs and preferences, and budget.

If you’re interested in professional flat roof installation or repair, give us a call at 623-465-1068.