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Commercial Multi-Family Roofing

Mikku and Son's offer many types of commercial roofing options in Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding metropolitan. We work with building owners, realtors, property management companies, and insurance companies.
Chris Montgomery
Chris Montgomery
Excellent work, timely communication, great price, overall outstanding experience. Highly recommend
Robert DiPrimio
Robert DiPrimio
I highly recommend this company. The coating on my roof was failing and they provided expert advice to repair and prevent leaks. The work was completed over a few days and I received a fair competitive estimate for the work. Overall, very pleased.
Bradley Petroff
Bradley Petroff
Mikku&Sons did a outstanding job on replacing underlayment on my roof they were very professional and did the job in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend using this company for any of your roofing needs.
Damian Larson
Damian Larson
Responsive and timely work. High quality
Pete Grimes
Pete Grimes
Our roofing job was great. The crew was totally professional. The job was not rushed and was skillfully completed. Every phase was explained to us. Our roof looks brand new again.
A snafu happened during the job, but it was addressed and taken care of immediately. Mikku is a family run business and has old-fashioned integrity, and I would recommend them to anybody replacing their roof.

Whether you own an apartment complex or manage an apartment or condo complex, you need reliable, professional roofing services to be there when the time comes to either repair or replace the multi-family roofing systems on your buildings.

Mikku and Sons Roofing and Repair has been here in the valley since 2001, providing building owners and property managers the quality, professional, licensed help they need.

We can handle any of the wide variety of systems that multi-family roofing uses. Check out the different systems below that we have experience with and call us at (623) 465-1068 to become another of our many satisfied customers.

We’ll guide you through your options and provide a free estimate that will fit your budgetary needs.

Asphalt Shingles

The most common roofing material used in the country since it's cost-effective, lightweight, and faster to install than other roofing systems. It comes in hundreds of colors and styles to fit any architectural or design needed for multi-family roofs.

In the Phoenix area, the trend is for the lighter colors that don’t absorb as much of the sun’s rays, thereby shortening the lifespan of the roof and increasing air conditioning costs.

Since they’re light in weight, they don’t have a lot of structural restrictions and they’re pretty durable, even to the point of being walked on without damage. repairs can be made fairly easily to the point that even individual shingles or sections can be removed and replaced. Most asphalt shingles have at least a 20-year warranty and a fairly decent fire rating.

Architectural Shingles

These shingles are similar to standard asphalt shingles, but are usually a little thicker and have more styles and textures to choose from.

They can look like wood shakes, tiles, or even slate but have a much lower price. because of this, money can be saved in the structural design and construction of your building, as the weight load on the roof is much lower than it would be for these other materials.

If you have a steeper roof or a lot of angles to the roofline, architectural shingles can be quite effective in giving your roof real depth because of their built-up texture and varying tabs that the manufacturers add to the shingles. This can add a lot more curb appeal to the building than standard shingles.

Because they’re thicker, they tend to last longer than standard shingles, and repairs are just as easily made.

Commercial Roofing Cost

Concrete Tiles

Here in the southwest, with the Spanish architectural influence, tiles are very popular roof systems. They have a multitude of color and style choices and long lifespans.

Concrete tiles can be manufactured to look like wood or slate and formed with an S shape to give that true Spanish look to a roof.

Weight is a factor for these tiles but they’re lighter than clay or slate tiles. If you’re contemplating replacing a shingle roof with tile, you need to make sure the buildings can structurally handle the extra weight.

They do a great job against the elements, including our monsoon storms, and typically have 50-year lifespans. Also, because of the space between the tiles and the roof decking, there’s extra ventilation in a tile roof, along with repelling the sun’s rays, there can be extra energy savings with tile roofs.

Because of the lower maintenance cost, the curb appeal, and the lifespan of the roof, concrete tiles are a very popular choice among owners and managers. Maintenance costs are kept down by the ability to remove and replace individual tiles or small sections to get to any damaged underlayment.

Any repairs, maintenance, or inspections, however, should be handled by a licensed professional, as the tiles can be damaged by someone walking on them.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are made by placing clay in a mold and baking them. Molds can be custom designed, which opens a whole world of architectural options. After baking, the tiles are glazed or colored to give them their custom look.

They have an old-world Spanish or Mediterranean look to them that can have tremendous curb appeal.

Like concrete tiles, they can be separated easily and create ventilation in your roofing system due to the spacing and form.

However, clay tiles are much more prone to breakage than concrete tiles and should never be walked on. Because of this, they can be a little more prone to damage as a result of violent storms, so you need to use the best underlayment material you can afford when installing them.

Metal Roofing

The great thing about metal roofing is the lifespan. It will probably never have to be replaced as long as you own the building. In fact manufacturer’s warranties can be in the 50+ year range.

Recently, a lot of progress has been made in the design and manufacturing of metal roof systems, which has produced designs and colors that can look like shingles, shakes, tiles, and slate, making them much more popular.

There are a couple of drawbacks to metal roofing – cost and noise. While it will save you money in the long run, you’ll have to own the building a long time to recoup your investment as opposed to a shingle or tile roof.

One of the contributing factors to the cost is the underlayment that is needed under a metal oof to help control the noise created when rain or objects hit it.

You have to make sure that it's made of sound-controlling materials or you’ll find that the noise even from a regular rainstorm can be more than tolerable.

If you have any questions about any of these types of multi-family roofing systems, whether installation or repair, don’t hesitate to call your professional, licensed, and bonded quality roofing partner, Mikku and Sons Roofing.

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