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Pros and Cons of Using Foam Roofing in Arizona

More and more property owners are choosing foam roofing. Its lightweight, it can be utilized with just about all roofing designs, and it does a great job insulating against hot and cold weather. The material itself used to be used primarily as an insulating material, but with the advent of foam roofing processes, the Arizona roofing landscape was changed for good.

Like any construction material, foam has its pluses and minuses. It can be used in just about any kind of roofing situation, but there are factors that might make you decide against using it. Here, we’ll discuss are the most important advantages and disadvantages of using foam roofing for your roof.

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Excellent insulation – Foam spray basically seals all holes, gaps, and seams in the roof, which insulates the properties interior from the heat or cold. This type of insulation is especially important to areas that have extreme temperatures like the Phoenix area. A well insulated home will help its owners save on utility bills because it can be uniformly heated or cooled. Other than roofing, foam can also be used in wall and attic insulation.

Protective Layer – Foam roofs are very watertight and water resistant, which creates a seamless roof and eliminates leaks and drips. The elastomeric material its made of does an excellent job of screening off the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Long-lasting – Foam roofs in can last up to 25 years without needing to be replaced. Routine maintenance and re-coating you roof are the keys to getting long-lasting performance.

Fast and Easy Roofing Installation – Installing a foam roof is relatively quick and fairly simple. Its even easier when you upgrade the foam installation material thats used. If you do this, you may be able eliminate the need to remove the existing roof. Your roofing contractor will just spray the foam over the top of the old roof.

Easy maintainenance – With foam roofing, property owners don’t have to have annual repair and maintenance procedures to keep the roof in quality condition. Foam roofing just needs to be re-coated to cover minor wear and tear damag every five to ten years.

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Installation needs experienced roofers – Unlike other roofing materials where it’s not quite as important to have an experienced and seasoned roofing company, foam needs to be installed by expert foam roofers. The process of installing foam roofing is easy, but there are many things that can go the wrong way when handled by a someone with very little experience. The foam materialis made from the chemical reaction of two liquid compounds. To get the right type of foam, the mix of the compounds and the use of the spraying equipment requires precision and well calibrated equipment. This leaves very little room for mistakes when applying foam roofing.

High upfront costs – Foam roofing is one of the more expensive types of roofing in Arizona. But the money thats saved over the long term through lower maintenance costs and lower utility bills from the added insulation make the upfront investment worth it.

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