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Do You Need a New Roof?

You might think you don't need to start considering installing a new roof until the old one starts springing a leak, but if you wait till that happens it will be more costly. Why? Because by the time you see the leak happening, the damage to the structure of your home will already have happened and you’ll have more expenses to fix it. 

Here’s some things to look for to help in deciding whether its time to hire someone to install a new roof:

How old is the current roof? If it was installed correctly and with proper materials, an asphalt shingle roof will last about 20 to 25 years, sometimes longer, and a tile roof should last 30 years or more. It could also depend on how many shingle layers you have, if its an asphalt shingle roof, and if it has been properly ventilated. If you've lived there for a lot of years and you don't know when the roof was installed, you might want to consider having a roof inspection.

• Go outside and take a look at the roof. Are the shingle lines straight or do you see sagging or other imperfections? Sagging means that the sheathing under the shingles is rotting. Pay particular attention to the valleys, which are the most important parts of your roof because it's where rain flows to the gutters and the ground.

• Do you see cracked, curled or broken shingles? Cracked or broken tiles? As shingles and tiles age, they deteriorate. Are any shingles or tiles missing? Check to see if all of the tabs or end pieces are intact.

• Is your chimney flashing constructed with roof cement or tar? Chimneys can be a serious weak spot on roofs and need to have a long-term, water-tight fitting such as sturdy metal flashing.

• Go up in your attic, during or immediately after a good rain, and look for signs of leaks or water damage. Also check to see if there's any daylight streaming through the roof where it shouldn’t be.

If you're seeing any of these warning signs, hire a qualified roof inspector give you a professional opinion.

Roof Installation Companies

If your roof has to be replaced and you don’t have solid roofing contractor recommendations from friends or relatives, chances are your friends will at least tell you someone not to call…because there’s no shortage of bad roofing stories… everybody has one.

When hiring a roofing installation contractor, finding companies online that have good reviews can be a lot of help in narrowing down your search.

There are many unqualified people, calling themselves “professional roofers.” Some knowingly take advantage of people, using poor materials and hard-sell sales tactics. Others do substandard work because they don’t have the skills and experience or they just cut corners. The problem is, most homeowners can’t tell when a contractor is cutting corners or doing things wrong. However, if you’re prepared with the right questions to ask and you familiarize yourself with the items below the we’re describing, you’ll be able to quickly disqualify many “scammers” from the start. You’ll be saved from lots of headaches, overinflated charges and wasted time because you’ll have the information you need to help you hire a reputable roofing contractor.

New Roof Installation

7 Things You Need to Know Before You Get an Estimate

  1. Shingling over existing shingles is bad.
  2. The possibility of needing new plywood decking needs to be taken into consideration.
  3. How to protect yourself against being charged too much for new plywood decking.
  4. What is the manufacturer’s warranty?
  5. The 2 types of insurance every roofer needs to have.
  6. Is your roofer using subcontractors or their own employees?
  7. How much deposit to put down and when


There are many reputable roofing contractors doing great work and doing the right thing for property owners, but there are just as many that don’t have the customer’s best interest at heart. Now that you’re a little more prepared and have some insight, you’ll better know what to look for when hiring a roofing installation contractor.

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