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Top Things To Look For When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

    .    If you’re looking for quotes for your roofing project, don’t just go for the lowest bid right away. A low bid could be an indication of poor quality materials or below standard work. But, also keep in mind that a roofing contractor might be able to submit a lower quote because they have low overhead or a source for quality materials at lower prices. If you have doubts, ask the contractor himself how they were able to arrive at their estimate.

    .    How long has have they been in business? A company with a long history is likely to be around when you need them to repair any issues with their installation. For your warranty, you want to make sure someone is there to honor it should there ever be an issue that needs to be addressed.

    .    Make sure the roofing company is licensed and insured. In most states it is illegal for a roofing contractor to work without a license. This protects potential customers from inexperienced contractors that don’t have the skills necessary to complete a job correctly. Ask about the contractor’s insurance, especially liability and worker’s compensation. A roofing contractor without proper insurance coverage can leave you open to all sorts of problems, from damage to your property to potential liability for personal injury.

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    .    Ask for and call references. A reputable, professional roofing contractor will be more than happy to give you a list of past customers. Just be cognizant of the fact that you’ll probably be getting a list of happy customers. It’s not in any contractor’s best interest to give you the contact information for dissatisfied past customers.
    .    Check their rating at the Better Business Bureau. You’ll find the unhappy customers here, if they have any. Be aware that any contractor that works with a large volume of customers will get some complaints. What’s important is how they handled those unhappy customers.

    .    Look for a roofer that has great communication abilities. You want an individual that you can discuss your project direct with, that can readily answer any and all your questions and will keep you informed through every step of the project. Bad communication could lead to misunderstandings and a finished job you might not be happy with. You could also have some unwelcome surprises on your final bill.

    .    Make sure you hire a roofing contractor that offers a warranty on their project. The materials manufacturer will usually include a product warranty but that doesn’t cover the installation. If there is a problem with the installation or materials, you need to have a guarantee in writing from the roofing contractor that states they will be there to take care of any problems.
    .    A roofing company is only as good as their crew members. What kind of training do they provide or skill level do they demand of their crews? Do they have safety training programs? Workers that follow safety training measures are proven to have less accidents on the job.

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    .    Does the roofing company crew clean up the job site every day? If they have to remove old roofing materials is the clean up of the debris included in the estimate? Some contractors are very conscious of this and will clean up the site well as they go. Others might wait until the end of the job, which will leave your property looking unkempt and could also create hazards for you, your family members and neighbors.

    .    Get a contract in writing. While an verbal agreement and a handshake is nice and a sign of courtesy, you need to have everything in writing. This includes the scope of the project, all the materials to be used and their specifications, the dates for beginning and completion of the project and an itemized list of cost for all materials and labor.

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