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Concrete tiles very popular in Phoenix. While tile roofing is basically intended to keep out rain water, it lends itself perfectly for a house’s curb appeal, insulation and long-term affordability as well.

Throughout our 15-years as roofing experts in Phoenix we’ve helped a lot of homeowners install unique and impressive tile roofs on their homes. We’d like tohelp you, too, and we know you’ll appreciate the many benefits of extremely durable and attractive tile roofing, which usually needs less repairs than other types of roof.

These are the various types of tile roof:

  • 1. Clay
  • 2. Concrete
  • 3. Spanish Style
  • 4. Composite Tiles

People mix and match different materials and styles to create the look that works best for them.

Concrete tiles are the most popular roofing option. Clay tiles are comprised of sand, water and cement. From less roof repairs to long term affordability, a lot of features make cement tile roofing one of the favorite roof choices for Phoenix homeowners.

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Usually, cement roof tiles are quite heavy. Because of this they often need further structural support in the frame of the home. However, many modern tiles are a lot lighter, without losing any of their durability. This translates into lower construction costs overall as the extra support isn’t needed.

Most other types of roofs last 10-15 years, but cement tile roofs are much more durable. With a 40 to 50 year lifespans, cement tiles promise a lifetime of beautiful protection. Once you choose a tile style that you will be comfortable with, you can count on a cement tiled roof to last almost your entire lifetime.

Tile roofs also have a wide range of colors, designs and finishes. We can help you pick the style thats perfect for you. At Mikku and Sons Roofing we’re proud of being more than just your roofing contractor. We’ll give you our professional opinion on every aspect of your roofing project, including color, finish and architectural recommendations. A tile roof, if researched and installed properly, is immediately noticeable – in a great way.

Anthem Roof Repair Contractors

Whatever type of material your tiled roof is made of, it will be comforting to know that they have a fire resistant quality. Also, tile roofing also provides excellent protection from harsh weather conditions like strong winds and monsoon storms.

Efficient Insulation = Lower Energy Costs

Specially treated tiles on your roof will do a great job of deflecting the hot Arizona sun. This reduces the pressure on your HVAC system and will lower your energy bills. These efficient tiles work a double shift, as at night time they use the stored heat from within them to help keep your home warm.

While tiled roofing may be more expensive compared to other roof types, it’s definitely worth it. With less maintenance needed, excellent weather & hazard resistance, and outstanding durability, tile roofing will save you a lot of time, money and hassle over its long life.

Cement tile roofing fits Phoenix’s southwestern style perfectly.

You have Mikku and Sons Roofing’s professional, quality roofing services to help you get the most for your money. Tile roof repair and replacements will be rare, but will be handled quickly, efficiently and professionally. We will go over the material, color and style of the roofing with you, ensuring the best roofing solution in terms of cost, function and curb appeal. Call us for a free quote today!