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Tile roofing is beautiful, but it isn’t waterproof. Its a watershed and a decorative roof covering. The real waterproofing is provided by the underlayment, or felt paper installed under the tile. All underpayments deteriorate over time, especially here in Arizona. It can last 12 to 20 years, depending on several things, and then the felt must be removed and replaced.

Sooner or later all tile roofs undergo a tile remove and replace. In the mid to late 1980’s there was a building boom in metro Phoenix and a lot of substandard roofing felt imported from other countries was used as an underlayment for tile roofs, both on commercial and residential buildings in Phoenix.

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As a result, when a 12-15 year old tile roof starts to leak, the underlayment has likely gone bad and it can be a much bigger problem than first thought. A lot of times, its a tell-tale sign that the felt is deteriorated and needs to be replaced. Delaying the replacement of the felt under the tile will only result in more and bigger problems for the owners, not to mention the damage to the interior contents of the building it might cause.

Tile Roofs are available in Clay, Sand-cast, and Concrete options.

Clay tile

There is a wide variety of tile in many styles, finishes, and colors.

Clay tile is prepared by baking clay and molding it. Its density is determined by the time and temperature that its heated. Tiles may be glazed and also may have surface treatments applied to them. There are different installation methods determined based on the type of tile being installed – whether its two piece, one piece, interlocking or flat.

Clay tile usually has a traditional "S" or "Spanish" style but it is made in several other patterns as well. Tile is a very resilient material and can withstand the harshest elements such as hail, wind, and fire.

The one drawback to tile is its weight; tile roofs are typically very heavy and require certain structural elements for the frame and decking of the roof. However, many manufacturers are offering light-weight tile options, which can reduce the need for additional structural fortifications. The tiles themselves have a great life expectancy, lasting up to 40 or 50 years. Tile roofs also usually carry longer warranties than other styles of roof.

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Sand-cast tile is very distinctive tile made from natural materials, mostly clay and sand. Its most attractive quality is the color variances that vary from batch to batch. Sand-cast tiles can be machine made or handmade. The look is more rustic and goes well with many architectural styles, especially Southwestern and Mediterranean style homes. The only bad thing with a sand-cast roof is that you can’t walk on it because of the more brittle structure of the tiles, making them break easily with when excessive weight is placed on them.

Concrete Tile

Concrete tile is made with cement, sand, and water, then set in molds under high pressure. Color is added to the outer surface of the tiles, or manufactured throughout, which is called color through. Special textures can be added in surface treatments, and in addition, each tile type might have separate field, ridge, hip, gable and terminal tiles that are different shapes and sizes, making for more architectural diversity.

Concrete tile has essentially all of the benefits of clay tile, plus being available in an even greater number of styles including traditional clay, slate, and even tile that look like wood or metal. Its ideal for homeowner associations that have appearance codes because it has such a wide range of varying options.


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