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House And Roof Color Combinations (with examples)

Date: April 1, 2023

The visual appeal and market value of your home are directly tied to the color of your roof, making it a difficult decision. The sheer number of possible color combinations can make it difficult to find one that works well with your home's design, the surrounding landscape, and your own personal preferences.

To help you make the best choice, Mikku and Sons Roofing has compiled this article on house and roof color combinations (with examples) to help you learn more about the various roofing colors and how they might look on your property.

How do you know which colors to choose for your house?

A white template house, house and roof color combinations (with examples)
A white template house

There are a number of considerations that should be made while deciding on a color scheme for your home's exterior and roof. Taking into account these aspects will help you zero in on a color scheme that is a perfect fit for your home and your life.

The architectural style of your home

It's true that different color schemes complement various architectural styles better than others. A house designed in the Victorian style, for instance, may look best painted a deep red or forest green, while a house designed in the minimalist style might be better off painted a neutral color like white or gray.

The climate and surroundings of your home

Colors should be picked such that they go well with the trees, plants, and scenery around your home. White and pastel hues, which reflect heat and make a home cooler, are good options if you live in a very sunny and hot climate.

Darker hues, such as brown or gray, can assist absorb heat and keep a home warmer in cooler climates.

Personal preference and taste

Picking colors that make you happy and at ease will help your home be a true representation of you and your taste. If you're stuck for ideas, browse images of houses painted in various color schemes for motivation.

If you need assistance deciding on paint colors for your house, you can always go to an expert like an interior designer or builder.

Color tones

Color tones should be taken into account while selecting a roof and siding color for a home. A home's ambiance can be affected by a number of color tone factors.

  • Subtle vs dramatic: Colors that lean toward the dramatic tend to be more brilliant and brash than those that go toward the subtle. A home with a subtle color scheme can feel more traditional, while a home with a dramatic color scheme can feel more cutting-edge and daring.
  • Warm tones vs cool tones: Colors with a yellow, orange or red undertone are called warm tones, whereas colors with a blue, green, or purple undertone are called cool tones. Using warm tones can make a space feel inviting and homey while using cool tones can make a space feel tranquil and revitalizing.
  • Contemporary vs classic: Whereas classic color palettes tend to be subdued and muted, complementary color palettes tend to be vivid and eye-catching. If you want your home to have a more up-to-date and stylish appearance, go with modern colors, whereas if you want a more classic and timeless feel, go with classic colors.

The trim and accent of your home

  1. How to match a new siding color to your home's current roof: If you have already decided on a roof color for your home, you should pick a siding color that goes well with it. For maximum contrast, use a siding color that is the opposite of the roof color, such as white or light gray. Choose a siding color that is darker than the roof color if the latter is light.
  2. How to match a new roof color to your home's current siding: If the siding color of your home is set in stone, you should select a roof color that works well with it.
    If the siding is a muted color like beige or gray, a dark brown or black roof might look great.
  3. How to match new siding and new roof colors for your home: If you're replacing both the siding and roof, choose complementary colors that create a harmonious look.

What color combinations can you go for?

There are various popular house and roof color combinations that might enhance your home's appearance. These color choices have worked for homeowners and designers.

Each color combination has advantages and downsides. A classic white house with a black or gray roof may reveal dirt and stains more than other colors. While a red brick house with a black or brown roof is classic, it may not fit with certain accent colors.

Your color mix depends on your taste, your home's architectural style, and your surroundings. Choose a color scheme you like and that complements your home's qualities.

Examples of successful color pairings and why they work:

1. A white house with a black or gray roof

The contrast of a white house with a black or gray roof is a classic and timelessly beautiful sight. The clean white siding serves as a blank canvas that works with any accent color, while the dark roof stands out dramatically.

All eyes will be drawn to the stunning contrast between the white exterior and the black or grey roof. It's easy to work with and adaptable to varied color schemes since any building type, from contemporary to classical, may benefit from its clean, elegant design.

2. A gray house with a white or black roof

Gray is a color that can be used to establish a relaxed and tranquil mood. When combined with a white or black roof, it gives the sleek, contemporary aspect that is so characteristic of today's most sought-after home designs.

The roof's white color and the walls' pale gray serve as a blank canvas upon which to paint any accent color. This color scheme is as adaptable as it is beautiful, and it may be used with a wide variety of accent hues.

3. A brown or beige house with a green roof

A common color scheme for historic residences is a beige or brown exterior with a green roof. The green roof and beige siding help generate a comfortable, homey mood.

This pairing can produce an organic aesthetic that is particularly suited to environments with abundant greenery.

4. A blue house with a gray or white roof

A grey roof with a blue house
A grey roof with a blue house

One common color scheme for beach houses is a blue exterior with a gray or white roof. The combination of the neutral gray roof and the soothing light blue cladding is quite soothing.

The color blue spans a wide spectrum, from pastels to dark navy. It can make a space feel more open and airy, making it perfect for coastal areas.

5. A red brick house with a brown roof

The traditional look of a brown roof over a red brick residence is timeless and charming. There's a cozy vibe thanks to the roof's earthy brown color and the building's red brick front.

Using natural materials like wood or stone in the mix will help you achieve a warm and welcoming classic aesthetic. The combination of this color with a brown roof is a timeless classic.

6. A yellow house with a brown or black roof:

A grey roof with a yellow house
A grey roof with a yellow house

This bright and sunny color scheme is sure to put anyone in a good mood. A house's façade painted a vibrant yellow shade can make it feel more fun and carefree.

Suburban-style homes often feature this color scheme because it produces a warm and welcoming appearance when combined with a brown or black roof.

Match your house siding with your roof!

There is a direct correlation between the roof and siding, therefore it's crucial to have them match. Having a roof and siding that go together effectively can increase your home's curb appeal, making it more desirable to potential buyers or guests.

On the other side, your home's value and curb appeal could take a hit if the roof and siding don't go together well. You may achieve harmony and cohesion in your home's exterior design by using colors and materials that go well together.

When deciding on a color scheme for a project, it's important to consider how the different colors and finishes of each material will interact. Here are some possible combinations of the roofing and siding materials

  1. Slate roof with white vinyl siding: A classic and sophisticated style may result from combining these elements. The basic white of the vinyl siding contrasts nicely with the slate roof's cool tones. Adding black or dark gray trim around the windows and doors can offer a nice touch of contrast and style.
  2. Black metal roof with stone siding: A sleek and industrial aesthetic may result from combining these elements. The stone exterior complements the rough, earthy appearance of the metal roof. Metal or wooden accessories in contrasting hues would be a nice touch to round out the design.
  3. Red clay tile roof with brick siding: This mix can provide a homey and welcoming atmosphere. The red clay tiles on the roof complement the brick exterior's natural hue and rough texture. Using some wooden or metallic features could give contrast and aesthetic intrigue.
  4. Slate roof with wood siding: Combining these elements can produce a classic and timeless style. The slate roof's cold tones go well with the wood siding's inherent warmth. To make the wood siding stand out against the slate roof, try coloring it a light or neutral color.
  5. Slate roof with stone siding: Combining a slate roof with a stone veneer can produce an attractive and organic appearance. The slate roof's cool tones complement the stone exterior's natural texture and rugged good looks.
    For homes with a more classic or rustic aesthetic, this is a winning mix.
  6. Red clay tile roof with white vinyl siding: A striking and bold appearance is possible with this combination. The vinyl siding is a bright and neutral color, which stands in stark contrast to the red clay tiles on the roof. This is a winning mix for homes designed in the Spanish or Mediterranean style.
  7. Black metal roof with wood siding: A black metal roof and wood siding can provide a stylish and contemporary look. The metal roof's clean lines go well with the wood siding's natural tones and warmth. This pairing is ideal for houses with a modern or minimalist design aesthetic.
  8. Slate roof with brick siding: This combination can create a classic and timeless look. The cool tones of the slate roof match well with the earthy and warm look of the brick siding. This combination works well for homes with a traditional or colonial architectural style.

Tips for choosing the right house and roof color combination

A grey template house, house and roof color combinations (with examples)
A grey template house

It's not easy to pick out the perfect colors for your home's exterior and roof, but with these tips, you'll have a far better chance of making the proper choice.

Consider using online visualizer tools.

Many companies in the home improvement industry now have online color planners that let you upload a photo of your house and try out various color schemes. This might help you see how several colors will look on your house before you commit to a specific paint job.

Take into account the resale value of the house.

Although you may have an affinity for some vibrant or unusual color schemes, potential buyers may be put off by them. You should find a happy medium between using colors that you find beautiful and those that will appeal to the largest possible audience.

Consult with a professional designer or contractor.

Color coordination is an art, and these experts can help you learn how to do it right.

In addition, they may advise you on what colors would look best in your home given its specific characteristics and design.

Consider the architectural style of your home and your surrounding environment.

There are color schemes that are more suited to some architectural styles and some climates. A house on the seashore might flourish from using light, cold tones, while a house in the woods might look better with warm, earthy tones.

Color choices for homes in a PUD must be harmonious with the surrounding structures. Homeowners' association regulations may also place limitations on you.

Consider the trim and accents.

Doors, shutters, and window frames should all be a different color than the siding and roof. Take into account the color of your roof and trim, as well as the color of your siding, while making your decision.

Do you need help choosing your roof colors?

Mikku and Sons Roofing is committed to providing clients with exceptional service and support throughout their roofing projects. Our team of experienced professionals is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the guidance you need to make informed decisions.

We'll work with you to help you choose the perfect roof color for your property, and we'll ensure that your roofing project is completed to your satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start planning your roofing project.

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