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7 Property Maintenance Tips in Phoenix, Arizona 

Date: November 14, 2022

Wanting to maintain your property in Phoenix,Arizona. With a solid economy, a reasonable cost of living, quality health and education, and a warm climate, Arizona is a great place to call home. Yes, it gets hot, but for many, the higher temperatures help to soothe their aches and pains and provide plenty of vitamin D to boost their happiness. 

Arizona property prices soared during the pandemic, but now the market is cooling off, making it a more accessible market for buyers. Current average property prices in the County of Maricopa sit at around $435K for Phoenix and Mesa, $565K for Gilbert, $801K for Scottsdale, and a little over $1m for Glendale.

If you own a property in and around Phoenix, Arizona, what are some of the key property maintenance tasks you should make sure you stay on top of?

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1. Clean out your gutters

Gutters are one of those areas that can easily get forgotten - until it’s too late. Backed-up gutters can wreak havoc during heavy downpours, as gutters play a crucial role in diverting rainwater away from your property. If you don’t maintain your gutters, you could risk flooding issues.

In addition to regularly cleaning out your gutters, consider trimming back any trees that regularly drop debris and are dangling out over your gutters

2. Prepping for winter 

Fall is a lovely time of the year in Arizona - after a long period of considerable heat, fall temperatures are comfortable and, for many people, somewhat relieving. 

Daytimes in Arizona still tend to be fairly warm, but the temperatures can dip below the 50 degrees Fahrenheit mark, especially at night. 

In preparation for winter, Arizonians need to check a couple of boxes. To prevent any issues arising from sudden drops in overnight temperatures, drain excess water from any irrigation systems, pumps and hoses, and cover over any exposed faucets. 

Winter is also a prime time for pests to seek refuge from the cold, and the cozy warmth of your home is ideal. First, check your property over for any signs of unwanted guests, and call in the professionals if you find any. From there, inspect the exterior of your home’s walls and foundations for any cracks or gaps that critters could use to access your property and fill them in.

Give your smoke detectors the once over, too - with everything sealed up for winter, heating systems on the go, and even a fire roaring, it’s important to make sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working perfectly. 

3. Inspect the property exterior

Inspecting and repairing cracks and gaps in your property’s exterior is not just about keeping critters at bay. Leaving cracks in walls and holes in roofing can lead to damp issues and poor energy efficiency, too. 

It’s easy to forget external property maintenance, but failure to stay on top of it can result in far more costly repairs down the track. So, check it over regularly, and address any issues, such as flaking paint, degrading caulking, damaged roof tiles, wall cracks, and more. Tiled roofs are common in Arizona; not only are tiled roofs easier to damage, but it’s not generally recommended that anyone unqualified attempt to get up on their property’s roof. Get a professional in to give it the once over and tend to any repairs. 

4. Service your HVAC

The hottest and coldest months of the year are a bad time to find yourself let down by a failing HVAC system, so carry out some regular maintenance to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Scheduling an annual service is the best way to go about it, and unless you know what you’re doing, it’s best to get someone qualified to take a look. Dealing with a broken air conditioner in the middle of an Arizona summer is no joke, so don’t risk it. 

5. Change your filters 

Typically, there are far more filters throughout a property than you might imagine; your HVAC system and fridge are just a couple of examples. Check the owner’s manuals to find out what filters you need to buy, and schedule regular changes in your diary to keep everything running clean and fresh. 

Don’t forget to clean out your dishwasher filter regularly as well - this one often gets overlooked until unpleasant smells or residues appear on ‘clean’ crockery!

6. Drain your hot Water Heater

Hot water systems aren’t the cheapest investments, so it pays to stay on top of their maintenance. Taking proper care of your hot water heater can significantly extend the life of the unit, and prevent the need for expensive repairs. 

Sediment gradually builds up in the base of water heaters, and left alone, this sediment can lead to clogs and stop it from working altogether. 

Draining your water heater will help to flush out this troublesome sediment, keeping it running optimally and reducing the risk of clogging significantly. 

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Photo by Алексей Вечерин

7. Service your Garage Door

Automatic garage doors are one of those luxuries that we take for granted until all of a sudden, one day, it decides to stop working, and we find ourselves unable to get our car out or left with a half-closed door.  

Of course, regularly replacing the remote batteries is step number one, but the unit and mechanism itself also need some TLC from time to time. Consider scheduling a bi-annual service, don’t ignore any signs that it’s on the way out, and spray some garage door lubricant on the springs and mechanical joints of the system. 

Final thoughts

Property maintenance lists can go on forever; there is so much to remember! The best approach is to create an annual schedule and plot when and how you will tackle each item to ensure that you keep your home running smoothly

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