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What Does The Discoloration On Your Roof Mean?

Date: December 7, 2020

A discoloration on your roof can be an indicator of devastating occurrences, and more often than not is largely noticeable – stains, growth and dark streaks certainly do not look appealing. Thankfully not every discolored roof means that it will fail, as it often just requires some cleaning to get back in shape.

Algae and plant debris is one of the most common reasons for discoloration on a roof. Green and black streaks across shingles is a sign of algae growth, something that grows and thrives in moisture filled environments. If the angle of your roof has shade, this is a common problem you will likely encounter.

Algae feeds on the limestone filler that is found in asphalt shingles. There are temporary measures you can take, such as adding copper to your shingles, although it will eventually wear out. Another issue that could be causing a stain is by a drooping tree limb, either dropping leaves or rubbing fruits into the shingles. Be sure to trim back your trees to prevent this from happening while also allowing more sun to hit your roof and deter algae.

Check around your chimney for black streaks. Sometimes soot can build up and lead down the roof – something that has washed away and stained the shingles. Rust also is found like soot, bleeding from metal vents or chimneys onto your shingles creating a dark red or orange color. If you notice that the shingles are much darker than usual and are damp, there is a strong chance you actually have water damage.

Shingles will age and lose their granules over time and will cause the shingles to lighten up. If you suspect you may have stains on your roof, we advise you to call and set up your free roof inspection with Mikku & Sons Roofing today!

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