Tile Roofing Innovations

Tile Roof Repair

In the past, Victorian gray slate and Spanish Mediteranean red tiles were about the only choices if you wanted tiles on your roof. But because of advanced technologies and manufacturing methods, there are many architectural choices when choosing tile for your roofing system. Now, tile roofs are constructed of many different materials, colors and designs that can fit a multitude of taste and design choices for residential and commercial property owners.

For the most part, you can expect a tile roof to have a lifespan of 50 years or more. Some of the great things about tiles are their fire resistance, how they withstand strong chemicals, how they are resistant to biologically degrading, keep away bugs and animals, are mold resistant and can handle extremes in temperature – whether hot or cold. Here are some other things that technological advancements have helped tile do:

Lowering Weight – a lower weight makes them able to be used in many types of architectural designs and systems.

Increased Energy Efficiency – 20 to 30 % more utility savings for property owners due to modern green technologies.

Increased Reflectiveness – Cool roof choices that will help towards solving urban heat island issues.

Flexibility – Manufacturing processes are incorporating new materials, such as recycled options in their manufacturing of tiles.

Adaptability – Many architectural styles can be used because of a myriad of new colors and shapes, such as even wood and shakes.

Water Resistibility – They're more moisture resistant than the past due to developments in waterproof underlayment barriers and trim and venting options.

Tile Roof Repair Contractors

There are quite a few tile roofing options today, including:

Clay or Ceramic Tiles – these are made by baking clay thats been colored and glazed. They can be used with many textures, finishes and styles.

Concrete Tiles – These are made using concrete reinforced with fibers, which increases strength and durability. They can be pressed into molds, which creates different kinds of shapes and designs for architectural purposes. They are then finished with different colored dyes and glazes.

Slate – Can last as long as 100 years, a natural stone material that requires very little maintenance. You can cut it into various shapes and sizes to fit the architectural needs of any home or business its being designed for.

Metal Tiles – Made form aluminum, copper, steel or tin, they can be made to look like stone  with many different shades, shapes, and colors. They're very lightweight, extremely durable and can be used in cold and elevated areas that have a lot of snow.

Synthetic Tiles – They can mimic the look of clay, ceramic or slate through rubber or polymer compounds that can be shaped and molded into many styles and designs. They're also very light, durable and much easier to install than other tiles like clay, concrete or metal.

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