Common Flat Roof Issues

Be Aware

While they do have their perks, flat roofs have design and installation factors that can play into damages and performance issues. In the long run, you may end up with a shorter roof lifespan than you expect – here are a few tips for issues you should consider.

Top 3 Common Flat Roof Issues



Among all issues a flat roof can experience, this is the most frequent by far. Usually caused by unnoticed ponding water after rainfall, only 48 hours are needed before leaks start becoming apparent. You should check for moisture buildup around seams and flashings around your roof. Clogged drains, chimneys, and skylights are also places where you’ll want to watch for moisture buildup. If any water gets under the membrane and into the sheathing of your roof, there’s a chance rot and mold will quickly start to grow.


Shrinking and Deteriorating Materials

A common problem for EPDM membranes is shrinkage – when rubber shrinks, it can pull down other objects like parapet walls or chimneys! This is more likely to occur on a large building or on a building where the membrane was not properly secured and installed. Keep your eyes out for signs of discoloration along with signs of shrinkage to spot problems before they get out of hand.


Damage Caused by Foot Traffic

The last major issue that commonly affects flat roofs and flat roof decking is caused by heavy foot traffic. Often done by HVAC contractors and other visitors who go on the roof, damage can be caused by dropping tools, tripping on fasteners, or otherwise puncturing the membrane and allowing moisture inside. After a company has been on the roof, be sure to inspect for any signs of punctures or other damages.

When Should You Replace Your Flat Roof?

Replacing your flat roof can be a costly and time consuming project, and it should, in most instances, be your last resort. Just because your roof is leaking in a few spots doesn’t mean it necessarily must be replaced.

Should I Get A New Flat Roof?

When the original material of your flat roof has grown old, the best route is to just replace it altogether. Depending on the material it’s made of, the local weather, and how consistently you run regular maintenance, this lifecycle often varies. Sometimes it’s also necessary to get a replacement before the material reaches the end of its lifespan, and this is often due to poor installation. If you are having to constantly make repairs on your flat roof, there’s a chance that it was installed improperly to begin with. While some issues can be rectified by an experienced roofer, there are some issues that will only be solved by a full replacement.

Get An Inspection

This is the most important first step when creating a maintenance and repair plan for your flat roof. Here at Mikku & Sons Roofing, we offer full roof inspections with our suggestions on how to handle any damages that may have occurred. For setting up a new flat roof or to run regular maintenance, we can be contacted through our contact form or called at (623) 465-1068.

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Emergency Roof Repair Contractors

Mikku and Sons Roofing has been helping residents throughout Phoenix since 2001. Our experienced and friendly crew members can inspect your roof and help you get it ready for the monsoon season to help you reduce the risk of damage. But, if your roof does have damage due to monsoon storms, we are ready to help you with quick and complete roof repair. We have experience in all types of roofs, including tile, shingle and flat roofs on both personal residences and commercial property. We are fully licensed and insured and make it our mission to provide quality workmanships and exceptional service.

Call us today at (623) 465-1068 to find out how we can help you prepare your roof for the coming monsoon season or to repair it after a storm.