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3 Things to Do Before Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

Date: December 7, 2020

As the years go by, seeing solar panels atop a roof has become a pretty common sight here in Arizona. Have you been considering getting solar panels installed on your roof? Once your panels are set up they are planned to be permanently installed, so proper planning is required to get the most out of them. Make sure you’re ready for the commitment and read on for our tips for installing solar panels.

Get A Proper Roof Inspection

Is your roof going to be capable of carrying the weight of solar panels? This is a question you want to find the answer to long before even starting your project, let alone once the panels have been installed – the last thing you need is to find a collapsed roof where a panel fell through. By having a roof inspection, you can not only test the carrying capacity of your roof but also search for other damages that may need to be addressed. Mikku & Sons Roofing does offer a free roof inspection and will give you a detailed report on your roof itemizing what you will need to address before starting your solar panel project. What follows are a few tips for installing solar panels on your roof.

Replace Old Roofs

If your roof is on the older side and you are already considering replacing it within the next few years, it will just be easier on your time and wallet to get it done before installing solar panels. While solar panels can be removed and reattached when needed, it is a lot of work and will be an extra expense you probably don’t want or need to pay. After you get your roof replaced, a quality roof should last for at least 20 years. Depending on how long your panels last, you may not even have to worry about adjustments for a decade or two.

Move Objects In The Way

While on your roof, be sure to clear out any objects such as antennas, vents, or other objects that could get in the way of installation. Contacting a roofing contractor is usually your best course of action for moving objects such as vents that are required to adhere to building codes. Many people also forget to consider the shade that is so appreciated from large trees may actually inhibit the ability of the solar panels. Be sure to trim or relocate any trees that will block the sun from your roof!

There are more things you may need to keep in mind, depending on the specifics for your roof, but that’s why Mikku & Sons Roofing is here to help. We provide free roof inspections and will offer advice not only for what should be fixed and improved, but also help you to find whether your roof is ready for solar panel installation or not. Call today!

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