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Roof Damage Repair: What To Look For After Big Storms

Date: June 8, 2016

What To Look For After Big Storms

There are a variety of ways that weather can incur damage to your roof, even in moderate storms. When a storm has passed, the absence of leaks doesn’t guarantee the roof is undamaged. Whether the storm brought rain, wind, and/or hail, doing an assessment quickly can start the repair process before more damage incurs.

4 Things To Look For After A Storm

Look For Downed Power Lines

The most dangerous residual effect of high winds is downed power lines, so look for those first. Make this assessment from as far away from the lines as possible for safety purposes.  Report any issues to your electric utility immediately.

Check Trees For Missing Branches

Many areas of a roof may not be visible from the ground, but if you have trees that are missing branches that can’t be found, they may be up there.

Check The Attic For Leaks

Many leaks start small and grow over time. You may not see water damage unless you’re up in the attic. Look for damp insulation and inspect the areas around the chimney, the vents, and any other apparatus that penetrates the deck.

Evidence Of Roof Damage On The Ground

Take a walking inspection around the grounds of your home. Look for all types of roofing materials including shingles, fascia, and flashing that may have been blown off of the roof. Take a look around the mouths of all of your downspouts as well to see if any roofing materials came loose and were carried down by the drainage system. You may also be able to assess any separation of the shingles from the deck by inspecting the roof’s edges, which can be caused by storms with high winds. Remember that finding one broken shingle on the ground may mean that there are many more broken pieces that evidence roof damage repair that are still on the roof.

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