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Up On The Rooftop Reindeer Pause

Date: December 18, 2019

Make Way for Santa

As December rolls through, and the rooftop reindeer have come and gone, we hear the same problem year after year. People call in for roof inspections after finding shingles on the ground and hoof prints up top. We have a small list of things to look for, that way Santa has a clean landing and doesn’t damage anything by accident.

Don’t Overload Your Roof

As much as Santa loves seeing houses decked all around, you must be careful to leave room for him to land on your roof! Rather than just throwing all your lights and decorations on the roof, try to plan for a lighter roof load. Keep your lights in straight lines, creating a lane for Santa to land in, and avoid keeping too many stand up decorations on the roof (should one of Santa’s reindeer knock them down caught in your shingles).

Scrub That Chimney

If you have a chimney, make sure you clean it nice and good. The last thing Santa will want is to slide down a grimy, soot-filled chimney to deliver. Additionally, try to keep the front of the fireplace clear so Santa has a clean exit!

Check Your Gutters

It’s safe to say that you’ll be on the “Nice” list this Christmas if you’ve been cleaning your gutters. If you have not cleaned them out recently, you’ve still got a few days before Christmas to get them squared away. Clogged gutters can cause damage to your exterior walls, or to the foundation of your home. If Santa notices damage, he may not have a safe place to land!

Leave Something For Rudolph!

You may leave out a nice treat for Santa every year, but what about for his trusty delivery partners? A nice snack could be some leafy greens carrots or an apple if you want to really treat them!

Check The Rest Of Your Yard

Check your yard for anything that may hinder Santa on the busiest night of the year. Trim any overhead branches, make sure any large piles of leaves are raked and thrown out, replace any of your broken or missing shingles, and make sure your lights are all active (just to give Santa some more illumination). If you are in Northern Arizona or anywhere else that experiences snow and harsher conditions, make sure your roof is clear of snow and break any ice dams.

Get A Proper Inspection

Of course, if you want to have the safest conditions and some peace of mind, the best thing you can do is to get a proper roofing inspection. Fortunately for you, Mikku and Sons works with Santa year-round inspecting roofs for his arrival. If you want to make sure you’re ready for Santa and his reindeer, give us a call today!

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