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Be Careful Hanging Your Seasonal Decorations!

Date: December 7, 2020

While you may find that your seasonal decorations can take up a lot of time to set up and be a bit of a pain, they truly can be fun and can light up your home beautifully. It’s important to make sure that you properly install your decorations so you don’t end up with any roof damage. What follows are some tips from Mikku & Sons Roofing for helping to minimize roof problems and still get the seasonal look you’re dreaming of! Especially when on your roof, be careful hanging your seasonal decorations!

Plan It

It’s important that you plan out how your decorations will be organized before starting. Make sure you measure any cords or cables to be sure that nothing comes up short while you are hanging things. If you plan to climb a ladder to get close to your roof, be especially careful of hanging lights so neither you nor the ladder snag a loose cable.

Gather Your Supplies

Be sure to check the labels and packaging to see what the intended use is for your decoration. Many decorations are indoors only and should not be used outdoors – the outdoor specific lights are weatherproofed to not short out when wet!

Safely Get In The Holiday Spirit

It’s important to have your home decorated and shining beautifully during the holidays! What is also important is keeping safe both your roof from damage, and you from being hurt. Make sure that when hanging decorations, you always have a strong and sturdy ladder that allows you to anchor to the side of your home. Make sure you are wearing close-toed shoes as well, and have a partner help you whenever possible. For roof decorations that require setup on top of the roof, harnesses can also be worn as well.

No Nails!

Whatever you are hanging, be sure not to use nails for your decorations! The nails will create holes that can lead to leaks. The last thing you need is to have a water damaged roof caused just by setting things up for fun! What you should use are clips that are specifically designed to fasten holiday decorations to roofs. Often clipping onto shingles and gutters, these are a hassle-free, damage-free form that won’t damage your roof or void any warranties!

Avoid Chimneys, Vents, & Satellite Dishes

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and your extra fixtures such as vents and chimneys can be very expensive to replace or repair. Be sure to keep decorations away from where any warm air would emit from, as it can warp and melt the decorations.

No Shortcuts Allowed

Be sure to carefully remove your holiday decorations just as you set them up. If you yank down lights or decorations, you risk heavily damaging your roof. Getting up close and personal with your roof is also a good time to do some minor roof inspections. If you see anything that looks suspicious, call us today for a free estimate and professional inspection, only from Mikku & Sons Roofing!

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