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Is It Safe to Walk On Your Roof?

Date: October 11, 2021

At first, you might reasonably assume your roof is stable enough to support your weight as you walk around to make inspections, hang holiday lights, or clear off debris. The reality is, as strong as your roof may seem, given the protection, it offers to your home, not all roofing is created equally. It’s best to stay off of the roof and call Mikku & Sons for help. In this guide, we hope to explain the risks that go along with walking on your roof.

Damage Potential 

Professional roofing experts are trained to evaluate roofing materials, structural integrity, and hazardous conditions, while the average homeowner is not. Roofs are installed and built to precise specifications – simply stepping on the wrong area could result in an expensive repair. Your insurance company might even deny claims if your policy requires you to use only licensed professionals!

Most Arizona homes have clay tile roofs because of their strength and heat resistance. Tile is a long-lasting material, but the downside is that they can crack and chip easily, even by just walking on them. There are various types of shingled roofs in the Valley, but they also need to be treated with care. You may not see any weakness, but a professional roofer knows the signs of deterioration, knows building codes change, and has the experience, tools, and training to avoid causing damage while on the roof. Needlessly walking around can cause damage requiring extensive repairs, so we recommend staying off of it.

Prioritize Safety

Two-story homes are commonly found in Arizona, and roofs measure at an average of 20 feet off the ground – keep this in mind next time you are considering climbing atop your roof. Without the knowledge of where weak points may be, the dangers of slopes, and the proper safety equipment, there’s a serious risk of falling! We want you to be safe.

Safe Alternatives

We do not recommend you climb atop your roof if you’re looking for damage or leaks. Instead, we suggest:

  • Extension ladders for hanging lights or cleaning gutters.
  • Looking out of upper-story windows to examine the lower roof planes.
  • Taking pictures of suspect areas and sharing them with us.
  • Leave the hard part to us, and consider an obligation-free, complimentary roof inspection with Mikku & Sons.

If you find yourself facing damaged roof tiles, shingles that are cracked, leaking spots in your roof, or any other roof problem, then be sure to get a professional to inspect your home today. This is something Mikku & Sons has proudly offered homeowners across the Valley for over twenty years!

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