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Is There a Perfect Time To Schedule Roof Repairs?

Date: November 4, 2021

Almost every industry has a slow time and many people put off getting repairs done, hoping for that “perfect time” where the repair can be done quickly and hopefully maybe even with a discounted price tag. In the valley of the sun it’s easy to delay roof repairs because odds are it will be sunny tomorrow and the next day and the next. After all, we only see rain during the monsoon season, right? Wrong. As dry as Arizona is, there is measurable rain almost every month, so the potential for a damaged roof to become more damaged is always there.

At Mikku & Sons We’re Always Roofing

Middle of July… we’re roofing. January… we’re roofing. We are here to fix your damaged roof no matter what the season. That being said, we do see a large increase in roof repair appointments in the months leading up to the monsoon season. The thought of rediscovering that leak that happened during the last monsoon season – the one you didn’t have repaired – suddenly turns into an emergency repair situation.

Don’t Keep Putting Off That Repair

Scheduling your roof repair today means one less thing to worry about a few months from now when everyone else is remembering that long forgotten leak. Mikku & Sons Roofing will take care of getting your roof repaired and give you the peace of mind that only a professional roofer can provide.

Not Sure About The Condition of Your Roof?

Your roof just made it through another monsoon season. Why not schedule Mikku & Sons to come out and inspect your roof to see if it made it through without any damage. Don’t wait for the next rain to find out that your roof sustained damage during the summer rains.

Mikku & Sons is a family owned and operated company that has been serving the Phoenix Metro area for over 20 years.  Call and schedule your FREE ESTIMATE today!

About Mikku & Sons
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Our roofing company was founded in 2001 by Michael Riutta, who is still part of the ownership and management team. Between Michael, his two sons and co-owners, Devin and Joshua, and our crew members, we have many years of experience to handle any type of roof repair or roof installation solutions you may need.