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When improving your home, you need to maximize your cost savings and make good, educated decisions. Especially when dealing with your roof. Your roof is made up of big, heavy materials that work together in creating a barrier to the elements for your home. When you have a problem with it, it’s difficult to decide whether to repair it or replace it with a new one. Here at Mikku and Sons Roofing, we're experts in all things roofing. You need to make an intelligent decision. We can provide you with all the information you need to make that decision an informed and cost-effective one. 

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Good Times to Repair. Eventually, every roof needs to be replaced. You need to know when the time is right because you don’t want to blow a lot of your hard-earned money on a big project that could be postponed. Consider these things: 

If most of the roof is in good condition, it would make sense to fix the trouble spots and problem areas to save big bucks, because, obviously, spot repairs are way less costly than full-blown replacements.

If you have wind damage, get in contact with your homeowner’s insurance agent because they may cover repairs. If it's minor work, like replacing shingles, it can be completed for relatively little cost. 

Regular Maintenance is Important. It's easier to repair an older roof when you're keeping up with regular maintenance and inspections. By doing the necessary repairs through the years, you will save money in the long run. Check yearly for dark spots or stains on your ceilings that could indicate damage, or paint that might be peeling on the underside of any overhangs. Have a professional roofing company, like Mikku and Sons Roofing, to come out and thoroughly check your roof to make sure there isn't any cracking in the caulk, any buckled shingles, any rusty areas on the flashing, or, if you have a tile roof, any brittle or deteriorating underlayment.

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If your roof only has partial damage to one side, it would make sense to only partially re-roof – which would save you a lot of money. However, If you think your roof needs complete replacing, here are a couple things to consider: 

The age and condition of the current shingles, tiles or underlayment.

The climate you reside in.

The exposure to future damage that exists.

If any of these are a concern for you, then it might be a good choice to make the commitment and investment in a stronger, more durable roof.