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Why Are Tiles Falling Off My Roof?

Date: August 12, 2021

Tile roofs are very popular among homeowners in Arizona. Not only do they offer that distinct southwestern desert look to your home, but they are also designed to withstand the heat of the harsh Arizona summers. As a result, these are very durable, but do come with their own set of issues.

One common issue is when tiles become dislodged and fall from your roof. This can indicate one of several problems, and will continue to lead into more problems if not fixed. When tiles fall off of your roof, a small portion underneath is left exposed. When it rains, this is a prime spot for leaks to develop and also allows for the surrounding tiles to lift and fall as well!

Three Reasons Tiles Fall From Roofs:

Poor Installation

Do you live in a new home, or have you recently had a roof replacement? If so, the chances of improper installation are high! If tiles were used that are not rated for the slope of your roof, or if they were not properly secured in place, they may slip and fall.

Walking On Your Roof

Unlike shingles which can withstand the weight of someone walking, tiles are easily broken and will likely break or crack under you. Make sure you do not walk on your tile roof – if you have recently had someone service your roof or climb on top for something like a satellite dish installation, then there is a chance something cracked or loosened out of place.

Desert Climate

Living in Arizona means you have to deal with intense heat through the summer. Although clay tiles can withstand extreme temperatures and light, they’re not completely immune to it. After some time, it’s worth looking to see if the elements have gotten the better of your tiles – typically clay tiles lay over gaps that could lift up during times of heavy winds, like our current monsoon season!

Tips For Preventing Falling Tiles

This may actually be easier than you would expect. The biggest thing you can do to take care of your tile roof is to avoid walking on it unless it is absolutely necessary. Monitor your roof for tiles that look like they are loosening, and if you find any, call a professional roofer to get it taken care of right away. Depending on your home warranty, tile replacements may be covered! Mikku Roofing has over 20 years of experience laying tile and will help to inspect your roof for any damages needing to be fixed. Call today or fill out an online form to get started with a free roof inspection!

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