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How to Tell If Heavy Winds Damaged Your Roof

Date: January 26, 2021

It isn’t something you likely think about right after a storm – in most cases, we’re just thrilled to see the light break through and see the clouds part – but, your roof may have been affected by the storm or heavy winds. Remember that even short-lived wind and small hail can cause significant damage! After a storm, you should take the time to inspect your roof – seeing dents, loose shingles, or even missing shingles are all signs that you need a professional roof inspection. Give Mikku & Sons Roofing a call today for your free inspection – we’ll be sure to check over your roof for signs of damage and will help you to organize a plan to repair or replace whatever is needed. Read on to learn how to tell if heavy winds damaged your roof.

When the Wind Blows

Wind can cause surprising damage to your roof. Many homeowners are shocked to find wind damage to their properties, even after a relatively mild storm. There are many things to watch out for after a storm, such as hazards like fallen branches, damaged power lines, or even knocked-over trees. If the wind speed is high enough, even brand-new shingles can be torn right off your roof.

Roofing is tricky to protect against wind damage – most roofs are highly susceptible, mainly due to the fact that wind will hit a roof unevenly. Areas that may have already been worn down or damaged will suffer the most and may be easily ripped up, potentially causing even more damage to your roof. Should anything fall onto your roof while in a damaged state, there’s a good chance you may end up facing leaks or rot due to water damage. For the best roof protection against heavy winds, you should make sure your roof has been installed with sturdy shingles and quality-made fasteners. In some cases, metal roofs may be the best option as they can withstand 150mph wind gusts!

Basic Breakdown of Wind Speeds

45 – 57 mph:

Can tear out tree branches, loose tree limbs, and remove broken or loose shingles from your roof!

58 – 74 mph:

Can knock over trees, completely uproot trees, and rip off shingles!

75-89 mph:

Heavy tree damage, commercial roof damage, mobile homes turnover!

90+ mph:

Homes will suffer significant damage!

What to Do After a Storm

Check around your home for noticeable damage to your roof!

Clean up any fallen debris from your yard. Be sure to check the roof, too!

Check inside your home for signs of leaks or water damage!

Submit an insurance claim for any covered damages!

Call for a free roof inspection, to be sure greater damages aren’t left untreated!

Other Signs To Watch For

Check around your shingles for signs of missing granules. This is the part of the shingle that resembles sandpaper – it can be damaged during storms and is the most susceptible to wind damage.

Check for curled edges of your roof. Sometimes damaged shingles can cause your roof to curl, particularly during heavy winds in a storm. Shingles are what seal your home from water damage, so having them curl is a risk to the inside of your home as well!

In situations with a flat roof, be sure to check for any tears or missing pieces in the material. Wind will sometimes rip up or cause the covering to bubble!

Chimneys are often pretty sturdy, so if you notice your chimney looking a bit crooked, it may be a sign that the lashing is missing. With this missing, water can enter your home from the chimney and should be addressed as soon as possible!

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