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10 Tips For a Shingle Roof Installation

Date: December 29, 2016

Protect Your Property

There are many things to consider when making the decision to do a shingle roof installation on your home.  Your property in the interior of your home depends on having a quality roof overhead.

Anytime the roof’s structure is in trouble, you need to take action right away to fix the issue.

This article will discuss 10 steps you can take to ensure your shingle roofing system is up to par for your peace of mind.

Shingle Roof Installation Tips

Should You Install Over Existing Shingles?

Like many home improvement projects, installing a new roof is expensive.

One way you may think you can save money is with a “roof over” or by re-roofing- this entails placing the brand-new shingles immediately over the age-old ones.

While it might seem advisable and allow you to save money in lower disposal and labor expenditures, the problems will probably outweigh the benefits.

Roof overs may actually reduce the life of brand-new shingles due to heat buildup and issues with moisture.

There are also possible problems with the underlying decking that are not seen and restored. Check your shingle warranty to avoid loss of coverage due to an ill-advised roof over.

Figuring Your Roof Size

For a shingle roof installation, contractors will measure your roof and offer you an estimate based on the number of squares of shingles needed. A square is a material needed to cover 100 square feet, so a roof with 20 squares has 2,000 square feet of surface area that needs to be covered.

Make Sure Its Ventilated

One element that contributes to the long life of your roof is the right amount of ventilation. Ascertaining your roof system has the necessary ventilation can modulate the attic temperatures in the summer and reduce moisture being developed in winter.

Request your contractor supply you with the kind of venting that is included with the roofing project to make sure your roof lasts through its warranty period.

The Wood Under the Shingles

Part of professional roof repair is not only removing all the old shingles but making any needed repairs to the underlying wood substructure.

Your contractor should address this and allow for these kinds of repairs if needed in your agreement.

Placing brand-new shingles over faulty wood is never advisable and will reduce the life of the brand-new roofing materials.

Protective Cover Under the Shingles

Shingles should never be affixed directly to raw lumber on the roof. Protective coverings made of felt or other materials offer additional heat and water shields needed to fully protect your dwelling. This is especially important in areas with heavy rains or icy temperatures.

Likewise ensure the contractor includes all the additional substances needed for a proper roof replacement like fasteners, flashing, and drip boundaries are a part of the estimate.

Make Sure It’s Inspected

A properly functioning roof system will protect your home and possessions for many years. Be sure you discuss what this assessment consists of and how your contractor will ensure that your brand-new roof is finished to your satisfaction.

Some roofing contractors will provide independent inspections and certifications for your complete peace of mind.

Don’t Forget About Wind Resistance

In evaluating the quality of the roofing materials and their installation, the warranty and performance relevant to the wind is a major factor in evaluating which product to purchase.

This is especially important in areas where monsoon storms, microbursts, or other severe weather patterns can cause severe wind damage.

Wind speed warranties can be as low as 60 miles per hour and can cover up to 130 miles per hour. Properly installed, acquiring shingles with higher wind warranties can be the difference between a brand-new roof and complete protection should you experience severe weather.

Thoroughly Research Your Contractor

Is your contractor licensed and bonded? Does your contractor have proper insurance? What warranties do they offer for materials and labor?

Do they secure the proper permits and follow all local, regional codes and regulations? How reliable are they? What work have they performed previously in your geographic area?

Your Warranty and Service After the Sale

One of the most important parts of any residence improvement project is the service you get after the project is complete.

Does your contractor offer a standard warranty? What does that include for products, labor, and parts? For what length of the period does the warranty have?

Is there an extended warranty available? What does that include and for how long? What does it cost? How do you request service calls? Is there a cost for service calls? Will the company be there over the next 10 years if you need them?

It’s Not Always About Price

The natural inclination is to find the lowest cost. While cost should always be a factor, the most important part of the decision should be appreciable value and your return on investment.

Will the contractor give you a fair estimate and one that handles the cost of quality products and professional installation?

Does the estimate encompass all facets of your roof replacement including ventilation, protective coverings, fasteners, permits, and inspections, flashing as well as removal and dumping of the old roofing substance and delivery of brand-new materials?

Does the estimate encompass all labor, project management, and coordination? Are there allowances for unforeseen expenditures such as repair or replacing the underlying wood structures? Peace of mind, quality substances, and complete project specs are as important and will provide you with a roof that lasts a lifetime.

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