Emergency Roof Repair

Would you know what to do if a tree fell on your roof in the middle of one of our violent monsoon storms? You depend on your roof to protect everything inside your home, but what if high winds ripped it apart in the middle of the night? Who would you call and what would you do?

Here are 4 things you should know to help you get through this scary situation:

1 – First step in emergency roof repair

Once the roof has been damaged, its going to probably allow some water to get through to the underlayment and possibly into your home. The first thing you need is some sort of protective cover or tarp to keep the damaged area from continuing to be exposed to the elements, and hopefully, to keep any more water damage from happening. Most of the time, unfortunately, you'll have to wait until the the weather subsides to get a company out to cover the damaged area until repairs can be completed.

2 – Situations that need immediate roof repair

Mother Nature can definitely wreak havoc on roofing systems. Winds over 50 mph, which can be quite common during our monsoon storms, can tear shingles off the roof and move loose tiles which exposes the underlayment and substrate of your roof. This is wear the real damage occurs. Tree limbs of trees close to your home can whip in the wind with branches raking tiles or shingles off your roof. Tree limbs can literally be knocked off trees and poke holes in your roof by falling on it. And, sometimes, lightning can actually strike your home, blowing a hole right through your roof.

Roof Repair Contractors

3 – How do roofers handle emergency calls?

Roofing contractors have to protect their employees, first and foremost, so don't expect an emergency roofing company to run out in the middle of a violent storm and immediately solve your problem. They will usually wait until the storm subsides, then handle as many of their emergency calls as their schedule and crews will allow. There's not much any roofing company can do in the middle of a storm with high winds and lightning. If the emergency repair is caused by a fire, the roofing company has to assess the structural integrity of the property before placing their crews on the roof, to make sure it can support the crew and equipment needed to do the job.

4 – What should you, as the homeoner, do?

The first rule is – don't panic. the damage to the roof has already happened and there's nothing you can do about it except try to protect your valuables inside until the damaged area can be covered somehow. Contact a professional roofing contractor and your insurance provider as quickly as possible. Once the damaged area has been secured, take your time to choose the right roofing company for the job and to consider your repair options.

Two other words of advice. First, be careful of storm chasers. The fly-by-night crews and companies that come in to areas hit by storms and pressure homeowners to get their roofing problems fixed ASAP. They're probably not licensed or insured and they won't be around if you have any problems with any repairs you have them do if they don't hold up down the road. Second, never, ever, ever try to go up and try to fix or assess damage yourself, especially in the middle of a storm. No sense makinng the problem a hundred times worse by adding a trip to the emergency room for someone in your family on top of the roof damage.

If you do have an emergency roof repair need, give us a call at (623) 465-1068. Count on Mikku and Sons Roofing and Repair to help you through your options and solutions.