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What Paint Goes With a Brown Roof?

Date: April 6, 2022

Now that you’ve ensured your roof is completely safe after an inspection, it’s time to get to the fun bits like adding extra features like a porch or deciding what color scheme you will use to fit your roof. However, if your inspection did not go well, you may need to look at the repairs, like fixing leaks or preparing for storms.

Brown is a conventional choice for a home’s roof. Brown clay or wood shingles have been the most common roofing shingles for more than a century, and many houses still use them today.

Brown may have red or gold undertones, ranging from light to dark. This earthy tint is the most popular option for paint color for houses with brick or stone exteriors. As a warm hue, brown is an excellent choice when paired with a complementary color scheme.

It is possible to have a dark, medium, or light brown roof on your property. Red, orange, and yellow overtones are all common in browns. Like worn wood, certain browns have a grayish cast to them.

For those curious about what colors work with a brown roof, we’ve put together a few suggestions to help you out. What are we waiting for?

Best Complimentary Colors for a Brown Roof:

A woman selecting an orange color to complement her brown roof

The color of your garage doors, gutters, and shutters, for example, may not be as obvious from the street as the color of your house’s trim. Based on the architectural type of your property, you may get some color samples from a local paint supplier.

The brown color of your roof will go well with your brown exterior if you follow these guidelines. The following exterior colors go well with brown roofs:

  • Beige, Orange, Yellow, and cream-toned warm stone colors
  • Orange, yellow, brown, and red brick color tones
  • Beige, dark brown, and taupe are the trim colors.
  • Siding colors that are either cool or warm, such as blues, greens, reds, or yellows

Let’s take a closer look at colors in more depth.


The color scheme of beige and brown is a well-known combination. Although the colors are from the same family, beige is only a light brown tint rather than a true neutral.

Using a medium to dark brown roof with beige walls and a neutral beige roof is a beautiful combination. This color may be utilized to paint the outside of your house if the trim is white and the door is the same color.


A green exterior house

Since green is a complementary color to brown, green siding looks great with a brown roof. Given that both green and brown can be found in the natural world, they provide for good color contrasts when used together.

Consider the colors of green you choose to decorate the front of your house. You should avoid using dark greens as a primary color. Aside from that, the viewer’s attention will be drawn away from the brown roof.

Trees and foliage in soft tones complement brown and green residential gardens, especially appropriate for older homes.

Select exterior paint that has the appearance of moss if your roof is of medium brown color. Consider adding brown accents or trim to your home’s exterior to enhance its appearance further.

Using the colors brown and green to decorate the outside of a house is a winning recipe for home design. They will stand out when combined since they have the same color temperature and are symbols of nature.

It is shown by this mix of light green for the exterior and medium brown for the roof how well-balanced this color scheme is.


If you’re looking for a stylish home color, yellow is the one for you. The brown roof and a warm yellow house provide a touch of brown to the yellow to create an almost homogeneous look. The combination of the two hues creates a modest yet appealing contrast.

Yellow, like beige, is a complementing color to dark brown roof shingles because it contrasts with them. If you want to create a monochromatic impression on the outside of your house, painting the exterior with a bright yellow paint hue is an ideal option.

White gutters and trim provide a color contrast that is subtle but effective. The contrast between the dark brown roof and the bright yellow and white color scheme can be seen.

Nonetheless, white isn’t the only hue that works nicely with yellow and brown in this combination. If you want to make your yellow exterior blend in with your brown roof, consider painting your gutters and trim a cream or beige color to tie everything together.


Any roof color may be used with white, and brown is no different. In fact, until approximately a century ago, the most prevalent color combinations for Colonial-style buildings were brown roofs with white siding.

Combining the addition of a crisp white color to a historic home with traditional architectural components and a deep brown roof creates a stunning visual contrast. White is indeed a beautiful color in both classic and modern architectural styles.

Because most white houses have either brown or black roofs, the only alternative is a dark brown roof shingle. If you plan to match the color of your roof, you may use brown shutters or solid wood columns on the outside of your home.

It is also possible to utilize metal railings in a dark brown hue to contrast with the lighter brown shingles on the roof. Because white is not a warm color, it pairs nicely with earthy brown tones to create a unified effect in a home setting.


Deciding what exterior color scheme to use

There isn’t a better hue to match your dark brown roof than brown! Brown siding is available in a range of shades, any of them may be used to enhance the character and charm of a home’s exterior.

You are not being stifled by the use of brown in your house since you are doing something new. Lighter brown tones, for example, look well with warm grey siding and white molding.

Use two or three distinct dark stains or paints to get this effect. When it comes to natural wood siding in the same hue as the roof shingles, brown is an ideal complement.

It is impossible to go out of style with wood in different shades of brown in the Shaker style. You may even use vertical boards of wood painted in a darker shade of brown to match your shaker-style façade.


The combination of a brown roof and natural cladding, such as brick, is perfect for improving the look of a home’s exterior- generally, roofing shingles in dark brown complement red brick exteriors with brown or orange overtones.


Brown and blue work well together. A medium-rich blue paint hue looks lovely against a chocolate brown roof.

If you’ve selected a dark brown roof, introducing a clean white trim and a dark blue color to your house is a welcome change. Instead, you may use sky blue, which works just as well in the same way.

Terra Cotta

A terra-cotta-colored paint or stucco with a brown shingled or tiled roof is a traditional Southwest color pairing.

The paint’s somewhat pink tone lends the palette a warmth and resonance designed to evoke the dazzling brightness of the desert sun.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

It would be best to consider more than the exact color profiles indicated above when choosing a paint color to match a brown roof. It’s essential to take a step back and look over your whole property.

  • Take a stroll across the street and take in your home from afar. A light brown shingle and a pale tint for the walls will make your home look larger, whereas your house will seem even more cramped if you decorate it with dark hues.
  • When selecting shingles, keep energy efficiency in mind. You may choose between a light or dark brown roof, depending on your climate. Dark shingles can help keep your home warm if you reside in a hot environment. Running the air conditioner is the only way to keep the house’s interior cool.
  • Use your trim to your advantage. An option is to use a contrasting color to bring attention to your house’s curves and accents.


What's the best way to pick an exterior color scheme?

Choosing an exterior color scheme might seem difficult at first.

Exterior designs should have three essential components: a dominating ground color, an accent color that lends life to small details such as shutters or doors, and a molding color complementary to the dominant ground color.

Consider going all out with the color if the combination of landscape and siding you’ve selected is striking.

In which color scheme does a brown roof appear the best?

The warm tones of stone in cream, brown, beige, orange, and yellow look fantastic when coupled with brown roofs of the same hue. The hues red, orange, yellow, and brown are the most often found in brick construction projects (or a combination of these).

What is the difference between a green and brown roof?

Plants and growth material are placed on a waterproofing membrane to create a “green roof,” which may be partly or entirely covered by vegetation.

Like a green roof, a brown roof aims to improve biodiversity by providing a habitat for native plants that may have been displaced due to the construction.

Can you get away with painting the home gray if the roof is brown?

exterior house with grey exterior walls.

Gray is a universally flattering color, and it works particularly well with wood. There are numerous gray houses with wooden front doors for this reason.

What are the best colors for a brown house?

It’s important to think of yellow as one of the greatest colors to pair with brown in your house. If you’re looking for a splash of color, pick a vibrant shade of yellow or perhaps a rich golden yellow.

In a bedroom or living room, brown and yellow go well together since they have a modern feel.

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