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Why Foam Roofing is a Great Option

Date: April 30, 2018

An Excellent Choice

Spray foam roofing (SPF) is an excellent choice for a flat roof because of its insulation properties and seamlessness.

It has a long lifespan if it's been installed correctly, which takes skill and special equipment for the project. Throw your favorite coffee pod into your coffee maker and learn about foam roofs.

Benefits of a Spray Foam Roof Installation

  • A spray foam roof has a relatively quick installation process. Depending on the size and features of your roof, you could have a new SPF roof in a day. You can also install SPF over the top of an existing roof which can save a lot of time and money by avoiding a roof tear-off.
  • SPF roofing is also low in volatile organic compounds or VOCs.
  • SPF roofing causes very little disruption for the property owner.

Mistakes to Avoid in SPF Installation

  • The roof substrate has to be clean. Any debris or water can keep the material from adhering properly to the substrate, which can cause ruptures in the future.
  • An SPF installation must be be done on a clear and calm day. Wind could make the spray foam fly where you don’t want it.
  • Proper safety equipment has to be used. Small droplets of foam can end up all over the place, so you need to make sure any equipment or electronics are put away or covered. Let the installers do their job, but it might be a good idea to be close by to clean any drops that land on the exterior of your property. Spray foam dries in minutes, and it cab be very difficult to remove.

Foam Roof Installation and Finding an Experienced Contractor

How It Works

Spray foam roofing sounds easy enough. Two ingredients are mixed using special equipment attached to a truck or trailer. A chemical reaction starts as soon as the ingredients are mixed together.

Heated hoses bring the mixture forward to a spray gun, which is used to apply the foam to the roof with a thickness of 1 to 2 inches. The liquid then foams, expands, and hardens.

An elastomeric coating is applied to protect the foam from UV rays.

This installation takes skill and experience. The equipment is too specialized for a one-off job. Only an experienced pro will be able to mix the components correctly, at the right temperature, and apply the liquid properly while anticipating how much the foam will expand.

This is a widely recognized and highly effective building envelope material, with roofing systems being one of the main application categories.

A high-performance product with a lot of incredible benefits, spray foam has gained popularity with builders and roofing contractors.

Like a lot of building products, installation should always be performed by a professional, experienced installer utilizing correct handling and installation techniques, with safety precautions employed and followed.

Dual Purpose Material

The foam serves dual purposes as a protective roofing material and as a thermal insulation solution. A roof’s main purpose is to protect what is underneath it. SPF roofing systems provide durable protection for the structure and personal items contained below.

It's lightweight, as most SPF roof systems, weigh less than a pound per square foot. Its also seamless and self-flashing, and highly resistant to severe weather, wind, and foot traffic.

Once installed, it requires minimal maintenance, providing more strength to the roofing system. It works well in most of the country’s geographic regions and climates.

Insulation Properties

It also works well as both an air and moisture barrier. Not only does it protect against water and moisture intrusion, but it also reduces air movement through the roof system, which improves indoor air quality and lowers the energy use of the building.

Because the roof of a building is a big source of heat loss, the insulating qualities of the SPF help to provide excellent indoor temperatures and energy efficiency. As a thermal insulator, it has one of the highest R-values per inch of all roofing insulations.

And, because spray foam has fully adhered to, there are no thermal intrusions from fasteners. Keeping heat inside the property during colder months and keeping heat out in warmer months.

It reduces heating and air conditioning demands, which lowers energy expenses during its lifespan, which can be 30 to 50 years with the right maintenance. In warmer areas, reflective roof coatings can also be added over the SPF to further reduce cooling expenses.

Why Foam Roofing In Summary

Roof performance isn’t measured by just one factor (like R-value). Rather, the success of a roofing system is accomplished by reviewing combined considerations for air movement, moisture control, health, safety, durability, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency. An SPF roof scores high marks in all of these categories.

Watch out for the myths of foam roofing and makes sure that you are getting your roof maintained!

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