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Flat Roof Replacement You Can Count On

It’s not easy to choose the type of roof you want if you’re looking to replace your existing one. However, there is one clear choice, especially if you have a flat roof, from all the options out there. – a spray foam roofing system. Here, we’ll go over the main pluses of spray foam roofing and why it’s a great choice.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of a Spray Foam Roof Replacement


Easily Repaired

If they are minor repairs that are needed, you may not even need to call a pro. You can fix small punctures or cuts with a tube of exterior polyurethane caulk. Fill the cut or puncture with caulking, texture it to match the roof, and voila!, you just repaired your roof yourself! Unlike other roofing systems – you don’t have to have a professional flat roof repair contractor make these minor repairs.


Easily Works With Your Drainage Configuration

If they aren’t installed properly, a flat roof can have serious drainage issues during heavy rains, which can damage your roof’s structure. You can get proper drainage with a foam roof by applying several layers with different thicknesses to make the water flow to the right areas for proper drainage. By applying the foam strategically in this way, you can virtually eliminate the drainage issues associated with other flat roofing systems.


Saves Money

You will have less leaking issues with spray foam roofing. because it is seamless and has no gaps. It has no overlapping materials and zero seams. This means it has a surface that is pretty much impermeable because of its membrane comprised of polymers. This makes it a much more secure roofing system because you will have fewer issues and their corresponding costs from repairs and water damage.


Energy Efficiency

Spray Foam roofing is an excellent insulator. It will save you money due to its outstanding R values of R-6 to R-7 per inch. much better than fiberglass insulation. This will save you money through your utility bills. You could save as much as 30% or more over other flat roofing systems. As a result, you should be able to pay for your new spray foam roof over about the first five years of its lifespan.

Spray Foam Roofing Contractors With Experience and Integrity

Weathers Storms Well

In high wind situations,  your roof and its materials are usually the most vulnerable components of your home. In high wind situations, metal roof panels, shingles and tiles can be blown loose and become dangerous being blown through the air at high velocity. Spray foam roofing adheres to the roof because of its seamless application. Which means there isn’t anything to be blown off the top of the roof and traveling through the air. Also, as other debris is flying through the air and hitting your roof, it will resist damage when its struck by them. There is also less chance that you will experience flooding and water damage due to its ability to withstand storms. By having greater resistance to these extreme conditions, you’ll save time and resources through insurance premiums and less claims.

Good For the Environment

When you tear off old roofing systems, they create a lot of waste that ends up in landfills or recycling centers. Spray foam roofing can be applied directly on top of your existing roof, leaving little to  no waste material. Also, you won’t ever need to completely replace your roof again. You just periodically and routinely maintain the roof by using sealant on problem spots and you’re good to go.

You Can Walk On It

Spray foam roofing is very durable and safe to walk on. This allows you to have access to your roof, making you able to check on problem issues yourself if needed and have easy access to the vents, pipes and ac units. There are also no overlapping seams or materials, as stated earlier, that you can trip over. Its safer for homeowners and roofing contractors alike due to its smooth, textured and even surface.

You Won’t Need a New Roof Again

As we’ve mentioned, spray foam roofs have long lifespans, they’re easy to maintain and less expensive to repair and update. You can just apply an update to the membrane about every 20 years at around 50% of what it would cost for a new foam roof, unlike  other roofing systems that need to be completely torn off and replaced when they’re useful life is over. The cost savings involved with these two scenarios is substantial. You won’t have to spend your money on expensive roof replacements ever again due to its long lifespan and ease of repair and maintenance.

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