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You hear advice all the time when you you’re looking for a roofing contractor in Arizona that you should never hire an unlicensed contractor to do your work.

Whats the reason for this? Does it truly even matter?

Some property owners think, that if the roofing contractor does good work based on a referral from an acquaintance or family member and they had a good experience, then why should it matter if they don’t have a license. And, as a bonus, they can probably save some money in the process.

Don’t be tempted to do this to save some money because you could possibly pay way much later as a consequence.

This is why:

1 – You will be limited in your legal remedies if there’s a problem

With a licensed roofing contractor, if you have a dispute, you can call the company’s licensing agency for help in mediating between yourself and the roofing company. They also may be able to help recover any monetary losses you might have incurred.

But, if you have an issue with an unlicensed contractor that they refuse to resolve, you’ll have to make a decision about filing a civil lawsuit. That isn’t something that you’re likely to have much success with.

Legal expenses are high and, even if you should win, you might never be able to collect any funds because unlicensed contractors are notorious for going in and out of business. Who knows how long they’ll be there to pay you, or they could just disappear completely leaving you holding the bag.

The reality is, an unlicensed contractor doesn’t have the same incentive to do quality work because it’s easier for them to get away with providing minimal service and poor work quality, due to the fact that your choices are limited with legal action.

So, lets say some unlicensed contractor doesn’t finish your roofing project and runs off with your money? Good luck trying to find them and trying to get any compensation or having the work finished!

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2 – They could have inadequate insurance

Worker’s comp and liability insurance is expensive for a contractor. Because of this, unlicensed contractors many times will not carry these vitally important policies. Just as important for you as it is for them.

If a roofing contractor’s crew member gets injured while working on your roof, without worker’s comp insurance would mean you’ll likely be responsible for paying for their medical bills. Have you checked the cost of a week long hospital stay lately?

Without liability insurance, if a contractor damages your home and refuses to fix it, you’re out of luck and you’ll have to pay for the damages yourself.  

3 – They may not have an adequate bond

A “Bond” is a type of insurance that compensates you if the contractor doesn’t complete the job as you’ve requested or contracted them to do. Unlicensed contractors usually won’t even offer a written and signed contract, much less be bonded with an adequate amount. So, if the finished product with your roof project isn’t what you thought you were getting, that’s your tough luck! There’s no bond available for you to make a claim on.

4 – Do They follow proper building codes?

To obtain a license, a contractor is tested on their knowledge and application of local building codes.

Here’s why this could be a big problem:

If you decide to sell your property and during the inspection process the home inspector points out that your roof isn’t built to code, you’ll be responsible for fixing that before the Buyer or the Lender will move forward to close on the purchase. Fixing something like this in a short time frame could cost thousands of dollars that you had no idea you were going to be liable for.

Also, disclosing to an inspector that you hired an unlicensed roofing contractor to fix any past issues with your roof could greatly decrease the property’s value, if the inspector or the Buyer isn’t comfortable with assuming the liability for an unlicensed contractor’s work.

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5 – The work could be lower quality

Obtaining a license means that a roofer meets minimum industry training standards and work experience. This is in place to protect consumers like you.

If a contractor is unlicensed, you don’t have any idea about their level of competency or experience. Low-quality roofing work and materials can backfire in a major way on you later. We have severe monsoon storms every summer in Arizona. Imagine seeing your roof literally blown off in the middle of one of these storms because the unlicensed contractor that did the work either cut corners, didn’t really know what they were doing, or used subpar materials to get the work done and pad their profits!

Don’t settle for a simple handshake…get your roof work completed by licensed, experienced, professional contractors. If they cut corners by not paying for licensing, insurance or bonding, what’s keeping them from cutting corners on their work or the materials they’re using?

If you need a licensed, experienced, competent roofing company to take care of your project, you’ve come to the right website! We’re licensed, bonded and fully insured, having been in business since 2001. We’ll take care of you and make sure your roofing project is completed to your satisfaction. Contact us today at (623) 465-1068.


Hire The Right Roofing Contractor

How to Hire the Right Roofing Contractor

When it comes time to hire a roofing contractor, it’s not always an easy process. It’s certainly very easy to get on the internet out and look at the various companies who claim all kinds of things, but how do you know the work you get will be quality and guaranteed? As a homeowner, a roofing contractor is one of the most important people you will need. Let’s face it—our roof keeps us dry and warm so we need to take care of it! Your properties continued existence literally depends on your roof's performance. Here are some steps to keep in mind when it’s time to hire a roofer.

Do it by word of mouth. Don’t just rely on the internet or advertising; ask family and friends and find out about their experiences. If they were satisfied, it’s a pretty sure bet it’s a good company that you can trust to do the job right too.

Ask Questions. Once you get a good report from your friends who have used the roofing contractor, be sure to ask questions, such as areas of special expertise and if they are licensed and insured.  You should also check with the Better Business Bureau and look online for reviews. Ask them for some recent referrals of jobs they've completed and call up their past customers.

Get at least two or three estimates and ask them to come to your house so you can discuss the work you need done, as well as what it will entail and how much it will cost.  Ask about the time needed to complete the job, as well. Don't be afraid to ask some difficult questions and if they dodge or won't answer them, move on to someone else.

Get a Contract. After you’ve decided on the company or roofing contractor you would like to hire, draw up a contract! It’s VERY important to have it all in writing and make sure you both sign it and agree to the terms. The contract should include all the details about the job, materials, cost and time. Give the contractor a chance to review the contract and adjust it if necessary. The bottom line here is that you are both on the same page about the task at hand. 

​• A Few More Considerations. A few extra points to consider asking about are clean-up procedures, how compensation is to be handled, liability, and safety concerns. Finally, you should also see to it that a lien waiver is established if there’s a third party involved so if the roofing contractor has failed to pay a vendor, you will not be responsible.

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Hiring a roofer doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Following these simple steps should ensure that you have a positive result. You roof is one of the most important parts of your property, so take care of it and keep it maintained.  Remember, if your roof is damaged by weather or other disasters, a good roofing contractor will handle your insurance claims for you! 

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When you have questions about roof repair and need some straight answers from a trusted, licensed, professional roofing contractor, call us at Mikku and Sons Roofing. We have decades of combined experience in all types of roofing – shingle, tile, flat, foam, metal, you name it – residential or commercial. Give us a call at (623) 465-1068 for your free estimate today.


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