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Roof Replacement & Repairs in Tempe AZ

Need a professional roofing company for your home? We can help you whether you require minor roof maintenance or a complete roof replacement.
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Makeda Siomeraa
Makeda Siomeraa
I couldn't be happier with my new roof and the excellent service provided by Mikku and Sons Roofing. From the initial consultation through the final inspection, they were professional, responsive, and reliable. They completed the job on schedule and within budget. I highly recommend them!
Jason Duncan
Jason Duncan
Josh and his crew were professional, prompt, and efficient in handling my roofing needs. Their attention to detail is something I really appreciated during the process and I have already recommended them to a friend. Thanks for your help Josh!
Mark Daniels
Mark Daniels
Great service, very professional. I would highly recommend Mikku & Sons Roofing company!!!
Isaac S. Lucas
Isaac S. Lucas
I was really happy with the roofing job done by this business. They were professional and did a great job.
Thomas T. Hunter
Thomas T. Hunter
I contacted Mikku & Sons to do some roof repair work on my house. They came out the next day and did a great job. I was able to get choose from a variety of colors and styles, too. They really know their stuff when it comes to roofs, and they are also experts in all kinds of other home repairs.
Rivera Joel
Rivera Joel
Roofing company was great! They arrived on time, did a great job, and cleaned up afterwards.
Larry Allen
Larry Allen
Ben did a great job with the roofing work. He was prompt, courteous, and professional. When he was done, the roof looked like it had just been installed! The cost was reasonable and all in all, I am very pleased with Josh's service and I would recommend him to others without hesitation.
Joseph Stiglitz
Joseph Stiglitz
Devin and his team were amazing! They arrived early, fixed our roof quickly and expertly, sent us photos of their completed work, and cleaned up before they left. They were kind and considerate, and we would highly recommend them.
Michaël Dupuis
Michaël Dupuis
I was skeptical of Mikku & Sons because they were a new roofing company in the area. I called around to other established companies and got some quotes, but when I saw the work that Mikku & Sons did for their customers' roofs, I knew they were the ones for me. It's been over six months now and we have not had any problems at all.

Residential & Commercial Roofers in Tempe

We are the residential & commercial roofer near you! We are licensed, bonded, and insured. You can be sure that you are dealing with professionals!
Residential Roofing
Is your roof leaking or did you notice some storm damage? We do tile, shingle, foam, and flat roofs.
Having a leaky commercial roof can be disastrous. We can fix or replace your commercial roof.
Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
There are many roofing companies in Arizona that are not credible! We are licensed, bonded, & insured!

Get Your Free Inspection

Is your roof in need of some attention? 
Mikku and Sons is here to assist with all your roofing needs.

Steps to Repairing or Replacing Your Roof in Tempe

Get your leaky roof fixed in 4 easy steps. Having a leaky roof is no fun and can be stressful. Our professionals will guide you through the process!


Schedule a Time


We Inspect


Give Proposal


Your Roof Gets Fixed!
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Fill out the contact form or call us.

Whenever you have an issue with your roof, our team is here to help. Simply get in touch with us or fill out a form.

We'll schedule a time to stop by and look at your roof. If you need any kind of roofing work done, our crew is prepared to help you whenever you call.

Yes, we will show up in the pouring rain or the sweltering heat. That's what makes us unique among Tempe, Arizona, roofing providers.

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We inspect your roof.

Our roofer climbs up a ladder and takes a close look at the roof. To ensure no other problems are overlooked, the entire roof is inspected, not just the region with visible damage.

Photographs will be taken, and problems will be identified throughout this roof assessment. This can help determine how extensive your roof damage is, how big your roof is, and how much it will cost to repair.

We will then send you a proposal.

Multiple choices are usually available, depending on the extent of the damage. The choice of roofing material is important, and we'll be here to assist you in narrowing down the options. We'll explain the benefits and drawbacks of each material.

Regarding pricing, we're looking for the sweet spot where you get the best deals. Fixing the problem or replacing the roof are both viable options!

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You don't need to worry no more!

Our roofing crew will come out and fix your roof. After the repairs, we will thoroughly clean the area and inspect the roof to ensure it is in good shape.
We back up our work with excellent warranties and durable solutions. You can have faith that we will back our work. Roofing replacements often have a warranty of 10 years or more, whereas most other repairs have warranties of 2 to 5.

Types of Roofs We Work With in Tempe

If you have a roof that you don't see listed here then don't worry because chances are we can do it! 


We do all types of tile roofs. Ranging from Mexican sandcast to concrete tiles.


We do all styles of shingle whether you need a 3-tab or an architectural style. 


We have been doing foam roofs since 2001. Foam roofs are the best roof in Arizona!

Flat Roofs

We repair or replace all types of flat roofs. Sometimes your flat roof can be restored!

Roof Repair Tempe

Can my Roof be Repaired?

Roof repairs are often a cost-effective way to extend the life of your roof and save you money in the long run. However, there are situations where a full roof replacement makes more sense than a series of patches.

Our experts can evaluate the state of your roof and advise you on the best course of action for fixing it. You may trust us to restore your roof to its original condition if it is beyond repair or if a replacement is necessary.

We work to save you money.
We repair residential and commercial roofs.
Get a second opinion on replacing your roof.
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Your Family Roofing Company in Tempe

Michael "Mikku" Riutta, launched our roofing business in 2001. Our staff, led by Michael and including his two sons and co-owners, Devin and Joshua, has the combined experience to address any roofing problem.
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Our dedication to our clients has earned us hundreds of loyal clients who value high quality in Tempe. If you have a roof repair issue, we'll gladly provide you with a free estimate and consultation to help you figure out how to proceed in the most efficient, affordable manner possible.
Turn Key Roofing Solutions in Tempe
Whether you need residential roofing, commercial roofing, or roof repair, our team of experts is here to help. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Tile roofs, composite shingle roofs, flat roofs, foam roofs, and single-ply roofs are our forte.
A+ Rating in Better Business Bureau
Our track record demonstrates our reliability and our satisfaction with our achievements. The first time, every time, we get it right.
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Common Roofing Questions

Your Tempe Roofing Questions Answered here!
Can I walk on my tile roof?
No, it would help if you didn't walk on your roof. Tiles can be broken or slipped when you walk on them, posing a great risk for you and your roof. Hire a professional roofer to help you with any inspection, maintenance, or repairs. Roofers are qualified
Can you repair or replace my roof if I have solar panels on my roof in Tempe?
Before we can start working on your roof, a solar company will need to come and take down the solar panels. To examine, repair, or replace your roof, it is necessary to have complete access to the entire roof. Prior to the solar firm reinstalling your panels, our technicians will inspect the roof to make sure it is ready.
How does the Arizona heat damage my roof in Tempe?

Arizona is famous for its scorching summer sun and pleasant year-round weather. Since your roof is constantly subjected to the weather, it may suffer damage during these hot spells. If you suspect that the sun has damaged your roof, there are a number of things you may look for:

  1.  Cracking: Roofing materials are susceptible to rapid expansion and contraction in the scorching Arizona heat.
  2. Decay: Roof degradation can be caused by age and prolonged sunlight exposure. Peeling, buckled, or eroded shingles on an asphalt roof indicate that the surface underneath is no longer protected.
  3. Leaking: When materials dry up and become brittle and inflexible, they can't withstand the stresses of wind and rain and eventually fail the roof. These crevices not only allow water to enter your home but also allow conditioned air to leak out.