Efficient Roofing Options In Arizona

Efficient Roofing Options In Arizona

Efficiency Equals Savings

Anyone living in Arizona knows that the summers here get extremely hot! In this blog, we will explore energy efficient roofing options. Using your Air Conditioning in the summertime adds considerably to your electric bill every month. There are ways of saving money by using energy-efficient building materials. We will talk specifically about choosing energy-efficient roofing materials for the next time you need to re-roof your house or on your new construction home.

What to look for when exploring efficient roofing options

There are several types of roofing materials or roof types that are commonly used in Arizona. The most common for pitched roofs are: tile or shingle. For flat roofs: rolled roofing systems and foam.

So what should someone look for when wanting to choose an energy-efficient roofing material? The easiest way is to look for ENERGY STAR® roofing materials. The Energy Star logo on the roofing materials packaging indicates that the product is certified to be an energy-efficient roofing material. Energy Star determines roof materials’ energy efficiency by their solar reflectance and emittance.

For example, roofing energy-efficient shingles use granules that reduce the amount of heat that is transferred into the material while shingles that aren’t designed to be energy efficient absorb more heat. The surface temperature difference between energy-efficient roofing material with the special granules and non-energy efficient materials can be up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another important thing to take into consideration on choosing your energy-efficient roofing material is the color. Darker colors tend to absorb the sun’s energy and transmit the heat into the building below while lighter colors tend to reflect the sun more efficiently. So it is important to not only choose the color material that you like but also choose lighter tones.

Turbine Style Shingle Roof Vent

Proper Ventilation

If your roof and attic do not have the proper ventilation then it does not matter what material you use on top of the roof. Improper ventilation will negate the benefits of the energy-efficient roofing material that is used on your roof. In fact, roofing material manufacturers will automatically void material warranties if the roof/attic is not ventilated according to code.

There are many different types of vents that are used depending on the type of roof you have. Here is a roof vent calculator tool if you are wondering how many vents you need. This photo is used to illustrate what a shingle roof turbine vent looks like.  Turbine vents help increase energy efficiency by exhausting hot air from the attic.

Tips to Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Roof

We will review different energy-saving options on the common roof types of Arizona. The roof types we will cover are tile, shingle, and flat roofs. Let’s explore the different energy-efficient roofing materials for each type of roof.


Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are excellent at being energy efficient when it comes to the airflow factor. There is a space between the tiles and the felt that helps promote airflow. Tile roofs are durable and last a long time. The two main ways to increase the energy efficiency of your tile roof includes extra ventilation and installing a reflective foam material on top of your felt. The material that is used commonly in Phoenix is called Radiant Barrier. This will reflect the heat and prevent it from entering the attic space. While Radiant Barrier is not considered a roofing material, it is very energy efficient! Both of these options will help you save on your monthly electricity bill!


Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs are very common in Arizona being that they are the most economical roof on the market. Asphalt tends to get really hot in the summer in Arizona. However, the energy efficiency is lower than tile roofs. The best method of increasing the efficiency of your shingle roof is replacing the old worn out shingle with the Energy Star rated shingles (which are considered energy efficient roofing material). Also, increased ventilation or upgraded ventilation can help as well. Automatic or active vents are a great option and can be programmed to use the fan when the temperature of the attic hits a certain threshold. High-quality vents such as ridge vents also help promote proper ventilation as well.


Flat Roofs

Flat roofs in Arizona are comprised of many different materials. The most common being asphalt. Asphalt is not an energy-efficient roofing material. Coating your roof with Acrylic cool roof coatings is a great way to cool down your flat roof. Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings will seal, extend, and renew your flat roof. They will also drop the surface temperature of the roof up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Acrylic Elastomeric roof coatings have strong reflective qualities and are strongly recommended for restoring your old roof, reducing your energy bills, and transforming your roof into being more energy efficient.

Of These Efficient Roofing Options, What is the Best Choice Available in Arizona?

Hands down polyurethane foam roofs are the best roofs for the hot climate of Arizona and the most energy-efficient roof available. The system consists of two-part: 1-inch thick polyurethane foam and 1 to 2 coats of acrylic elastomeric coatings (we spoke already about how elastomeric coating is energy-efficient roofing material). Some of our customers at Mikku and Sons have seen their electricity bill drop by 50% after getting a new Foam Roof. Foam can be installed over pre-existing flat roofs. It is a great system that excels in insulating your home and reflecting the sun.

Emergency Roof Repair Contractors

Mikku and Sons Roofing has been helping residents throughout Phoenix since 2001. Our experienced and friendly crew members can inspect your roof and help you get it ready for the monsoon season to help you reduce the risk of damage. If your roof has damage from monsoon storms, we are ready to help you with quick and complete roof repair. We have experience in all types of commercial and residential roofs, including tile, shingle and flat roofs. We are fully licensed and insured and make it our mission to provide quality workmanships and exceptional service.

Call us today at (623) 465-1068 to find out how we can help you prepare your roof for the coming monsoon season or to repair it after a storm.

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Determining If You Need a New Roof

New Roof Installation

When it comes to having a new roof installed there is a lot to think about and consider. Often homeowners are unsure if a whole new roof is necessary or if the existing roof is in need of some minor repairs. The best way to know is to have a local roofing contractor come out to the house and do a free consultation, evaluating the homes roofing materials as well as the structural soundness of the roof. Replacing a roof with a new roof can be an expensive investment. A roofing contractor will advise you about the seriousness of the roofs condition and advise homeowners on the best steps to take going forward.

New Roof Installers

Below is a list of things every homeowner should know about roofing and options available before ripping off their old roof to install a new roof. The first and most obvious is that the new roof is going to be expensive, and it will alter your life for the week. When a new roof is needed it is important to make sure everyone in the household knows what is going on. A new roof is best installed when life is not chaotic and nothing pertinent for the family is happening. The stress that comes along with paying for a new roof and living in the home while the roof is installed is exhausting. Having a new baby, starting a new job, kids studying for exams are all really good reasons to delay a new roof install. Installing a new roof will be loud, and you should be prepared for early mornings. The best time for roofers to remove shingling and tear up old roofing materials is in the morning when temperatures have not peeked.

New Roof Installation Contractors

Another thing to think about when beginning a new roof installation is the material that you will use for your roof. Shingles and tiles are the most common choice for homes here in the Southwest however; depending on your home's style, flat or foam roofing can be considered.. When considering materials to use it is best to do benefits analysis to decide if the extra money for a tile roof is worth it in the long run over shingling. If you plan on staying in your home for a long time a tile roof will stand the test of time, and you will not need to worry about the hassle of a new roof in twenty years.

When choosing a contractor for your new roof, the best way to find reliable roofers is to check their reviews online as well as asking neighbors, friends and family for referrals. If you find a roofer online it is important that you are able to contact their referrals to ensure they are satisfied with the job that was done on their home. It is the appropriate time to ask about the time frame of the job as well as cost in comparison to the original quote. Homeowners should also consider asking about the mess, the cleanup and the professional nature of the crew. These are important things to inquire about before you hire a roofing contractor to install your new roof. A roofing contractor can seem incredibly professional when selling you on a new roof but finding out what they are like in the heat of a roof replacement is what you need to know. Asking their referrals and checking their reviews and testimonials is a sure fire way to know ahead of time what you are getting into.

The last thing to do before any work is done replacing or repairing a roof is to have a signed contract. A contract between the roofer and the homeowner should include labor and material costs, an estimate on competition time and a copy of the roofers insurance. It is important that the roofer covers insurance coverage for the employees. This responsibility is not that of the homeowners and is not theirs to be liable for should an accident occur. All reputable roofing companies will have no problem supplying you with proof that they are fully insured.

Trusting the people working on your home is a number one priority. Hiring a company for a big job such as a new roof is not something to consider lightly. The home's roof is structurally important to the house and therefore care should be taken when work is done on it.

For more information contact Mikku and Sons Roofing. We are one of the premier roofing companies in the Phoenix metro area offer a variety of roofing services including installation of shingle roofs, tile roofing, flat and foam roofs and roof repairs. You can find us at http://mikkuandsons.com/ today.

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