Emergency Roof Repair Tips

Emergency Roof Repairs

Your roof is one of the most critical components of your property, since it protects you, your family and everything inside. Its the first line of defense from natural elements like wind, fire, rain, hail, and extremely hot and humid temperatures. But its also one of the most vulnerable features of your home, so a roofing system is usually exposed to changing weather extremes which erodes its quality over time. This also increases the odds of damage and can facilitate an emergency roof repair scenario.

Timing is Important
If your roof has been damaged by a hail storm, heavy winds or rain, the best advice is to wait until the weather gets better. If it’s night, wait until the morning so you have proper light conditions to assess the damage. Don’t take action irashly and put your life in danger just to check your roof’s condition during severe and harsh weather.

Do a Quick Inspection
When the weather improves, its time for a quick roof inspection. If your roof hasn’t been damaged severely, you can possibly follow quick DIY procedures to repair your roof on a basic level. Minor damage might be able to be resolved by a homeowner on their own, but if it has been damaged badly, you need to contact an expert, experienced roofing contractor.

Emergency Roof Repair Contractors

Get Some Temporary Cover
This is one of the most critical steps you need to take to avoid further damage to your roof and possibly your other household items. A protective cover, tarp or temporary type of roof must be applied to avoid more damage to the internal and structural damage. If water is getting inside, move any valuable furniture and belongings into another room in your home.

Preventing Water Damage
If your roof’s damage has caused a puddle of water, you should have it removed as quickly as possible. Don’t allow your roof to collect rainwater as it can further damage your roofing system. Also, if left to pool, stagnant water can be a good place for insects to breed.

Emergency Roof Repair Companies

Hiring an Expert Roofing Contractor
If your existing roofing system has to have heavy repair or complete replacement, don’t delay it any further and contact a professional, experienced roofing company. Only an expert roofing company can offer you emergency roof repair services to handle all your urgent requirements. Putting off repairing or replacing an extensively damaged roof will just turn into a more expensive problem down the road. 

Mikku and Sons Roofing – Emergency Roof Repair Services
Mikku and Sons Roofing, your full service roofing company, offers complete emergency roofing services to handle all of your emergency roof repair needs. We have a dedicated crew of roofing experts, who will take complete care of your residential or commercial roofing after being damaged by one of our severe severe monsoon storms. Give us a call at (623) 465-1068.


Tips for Filing a Roof Repair Insurance Claim

Roof Replacement Contractors

Tips for Filing a Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

Discovering that you have serious damage to your roof can be stressful. Going through the insurance claim quagmire can require lots of contacts with insurance adjusters, roofing contractors, and in some instances, maybe even your mortgage company. To make sure you can handle the insurance claim process, Mikku and Sons Roofing recommends you follow these five tips as a guideline:

1 – Check for damage right after a storm
If you think your roof is damaged, call a reputable and licensed roofing contractor to come out and inspect your roof. Even if your roof looks good from the outside, there could be serious internal damage that only an experienced roofing specialist can see. Some insurance policies have conditions that tell you how long you can wait after the damage has occurred and still have your roof covered under your policy. After a severe storm, as soon as it’s safe, have your roof inspected.

2 – Take pictures and document the details
An experienced roofer will know where to check for damage and should be thorough in documenting the damage and how extensive it might be. They will take pictures of damaged areas and get you a written explanation of what needs to be fixed and the estimated cost to repair. In some cases, you might have roof damage that isn’t serious enough to justify an insurance claim and in this case, your preferred roofing company can work with you to plan how to handle the repairs. In more serious cases, you’ll need to get your homeowner’s insurance company involved and will need to provide proof of damage, including measurements, the events that led up to the damage, and dates and times the damage occurred.

It is always a good idea to take pictures of your roof periodically, especially after any maintenance has been done. Make sure the images are clear and well labeled with date and time. If possible, take several photos from different angles to show the whole roof and its condition. By doing this, you can make a more convincing argument and you will have visual proof to justify that the damaged areas were not there before the storm and were a direct result of the storm itself.

Roof Replacement Specialists

3 – Call your insurance agent and go through your policy
If you have extensive roof damage, be sure to contact your insurance company right away. If you wait too long, you may not be able to submit the claim. Always have the latest copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what statute of limitations there are for reporting damage and what types of roof damage are covered. Some homeowner’s policies have clauses detailing the amount of damage that will be covered. For example, if your roof is over ten years old, your insurance company may only cover a portion of the roof replacement cost, based on the depreciated value of your roof. If there’s ever any question of the precise roofing insurance coverage you have, contact your insurance provider. When you submit your claim, an adjuster will be sent to inspect the damaged areas and determine what the insurance company will pay out to repair or replace your roof.

4 – Find a roofing contractor with extensive insurance experience
Assuming your claim is covered under your homeowner’s policy, you will have a certain amount available to repair the damage. You can pick the roofing contractor to complete any repairs needed or to replace your entire roof. When selecting a contractor, make sure you ask for references and only use licensed and insured contractors. It’s okay to shop around and get more than one estimate to fix your roof. By doing this, you can be comfortable that you’re not overpaying, and you’ll have a lot more information to choose a qualified roofing contractor that you think will complete the job correctly. Not every roofing contractor will provide insurance claim assistance.  At Mikku and Sons Roofing, we’re roof replacement specialists who will work with you to make sure your claim is submitted promptly to your insurance company, and that you get the maximum reimbursement for your roof repair issues.

5 – Watch out for contingency contracts
Most roofing contractors will provide a free roof inspection and roof repair estimate. However, keep an eye out for contingency contracts that may be disguised as inspection reports. By being led to sign one of these contracts you are agreeing to give the job to that roofing company if your insurance claim is approved. Remember, when you’re getting estimates, you should not need to sign anything. If you are pressured into signing something, it is a sure sign that it’s time to find a more trustworthy roof replacement company. Checking with the Better Business Bureau and selecting only the roofing companies that have an A or better rating is a good way to parry your list of options to only those roofing professionals that have a reputation for doing quality work.

Getting roof repairs covered by your insurance company can be a difficult and confusing process. By working with a certified, licensed and locally experienced roofing contractor, you can make sure your roof damage claim is submitted correctly to your insurance company and the roof repair is handled quickly, accurately and with the lease amount of hassle. The roof replacement experts at Mikku and Sons Roofing are experienced in handling roof insurance claims and restoring your property back to its original condition. If your roof is damaged by one of our severe monsoon storms, call us at (623) 465-1068. We will schedule a free roof inspection, document the damage, and give you a free estimate to get your roof insurance claim started as soon as possible.


Reasons Roofs Should Be Inspected

Roof Repair Contractors

Roofs are like tires. We only think of them when there’s a problem, and we only replace them when we have to. But, when we do maintain them regularly, we can extend their useful life. We also need to make sure that our roof receives the proper maintenance to increase its useful life.

Guaranteeing roof life starts with regular inspections. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting all roofs twice a year: once after the coldest temperatures, once after the hottest temperatures. (And it's always a good notion to scrutinize the roof following any major weather occurrence). But why should roofs be inspected, and what do we hope to discover by doing so?

With our roof, out of sight means out of mind. That's not a good notion, since regular roof inspections can help avoid long term expensive problems.

What follows are some of the most common reasons — to inspect roofs at least twice a year.

Weathering and Aging
All roofs undergo normal aging, and the effects are usually visible. As roofs age commonly, leaks may occur, leading to moisture infiltration. Regular inspections call attention to weathered regions and enable property owners to schedule maintenance on these issues to avoid further problems.

Damage From Storms
High gusts of wind, hail, and other weather events can create damage to a roof that are able to be covered by insurance. Roofs should be inspected immediately following weather events to prevent further damage due to water leaks. Impairment from wind gusts or hail can be slight and require little more than minor repairs, or the problems can be major and require an entire roof replacement. Insurance adjusters report that substantial amounts of storm damage are actually caused by debris blown from roofs by high winds. Tree limbs and branches can fall on roofs causing great damage. Roof blow-offs start at the boundary, and when roofs are not properly designed or installed to provide proper boundary securement, serious damage can result. Storm damage may require emergency work costing even more expense.

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Assessing Leaks
Leaks after heavy rain is the primary reason for most inspections. But a leak is only a sign of a problem that might have been building over time. If you're looking for a silver lining, a leak can actually be good news. Without evidence of a roof leak, a lingering problem of undetected water infiltration could continue to create hidden deterioration, such as rotting wood, mold, wet insulation, or corrosion.

It takes an experienced professional eye to conduct a thorough leak investigation and diagnosis, because the entry point for water might be quite far away from the detection point. Leaks can be evidence of serious roof problems or minor issues. Many roofs in excellent condition occasionally have issues due to minor flashing problems.

Making Sure There’s Proper Drainage
Few features are as important to roof performance as proper slope and drainage. Water standing on a roof increases the chance of leaks and water infiltration significantly. Making sure you have good drainage is a very important reason for regular roof inspections. Leaves, trash, debris, and other objects can clog or obstruct roof drains, creating standing water. Regular cleaning of roofs can help remove such problems and allow water to drain properly, which reduces the chance of leaks. Also, water is heavy – weighing about 5 pounds per square foot per inch deep.

Poor drainage also causes deterioration of roofing materials, leading to a shorter life of the entire roof system. If a leak occurs from standing water, insulation can get saturated over a wide area, which could require entire roof replacement.

Roof Inspection Services

Assessing Tree and Vegetation Damage
Vegetation can grow on roofs when gutters and other low areas aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. Birds can land and nest on roofs. They also deposit seeds, which will promote the growth of vegetation. Gutters are a particular source of problems because of the accumulation of dirt, seeds, and water. In addition, tree branches scraping on roofs during wind storms can cause serious damage. Gutters should be cleaned regularly, and trees near your roof need to be trimmed to prevent contact with roof surfaces.

Repairs Covered by Warranties
Many owners pay for repairs themselves that would be covered under a contractor or manufacturer's roof warranty. Leaks can be caused by a lot of things, only some of which are covered under a warranty. However, when a leak is found, you should have a qualified person perform an inspection to determine whether or not to file a warranty claim. When a roof warranty claim is filed, the contractor or manufacturer will visit the property and make an assessment of whether the leak or repair is covered. The important thing for the property owner is keeping possession and ready access to the warranty paperwork, as well as timely filing of the claim.

Establishing a schedule for routine, professional roof inspections should be a priority for property owners. Inspections are cheap and can provide critical information that can prevent expensive repairs later. Also, regular roof inspections provide a checklist for routine maintenance work and enable owners to prepare budgets for the future. Roof inspections are the first step in a roof maintenance program that can help owners plan and schedule repairs instead of having to do expensive emergency repairs. Few other property maintenance tasks provide a better return on investment than regular roof inspections.

To schedule a professional, trustworthy roofing contractor to come out to your property and have it inspected, call Mikku and Sons Roofing at (623) 465-1068.

What Causes Roof Leak Repair?

If you have water coming into your property, you have a leak and need roof leak repair. There are a lot of reasons that a roof might begin to let water into your home. By identifying the most common reasons for leaks, you might be able to help your roofer find a solution to your roof leak repair faster.

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The Flashing is Cracked or Old
Flashing is metal installed around roof penetrations. They form a barrier to keep moisture from finding its way in between the shingles and the weaker areas of your roof. Over time, the metal can corrode away or the seal around it may crack, giving rain access to the attic and your living space. If the rest of the roof is in good shape, the old flashing can be replaced. A professional roofing contractor will just lift the surrounding shingles or tiles, pull the old sheet metal out and install new pieces. Once its sealed, the roof leak repair is complete and your roof should stop leaking.

Your Roof is Missing Shingles or Tiles
There lots of reasons a section of your shingles or tiles can go missing. High winds or sudden heavy rains can rip the shingles right off your roof, which will require roof leak repair. Also, missing shingles or tiles could mean that your roof has reached the end of its lifespan and you're in need of a new roof. No matter the cause, having new shingles or tiles installed should be done right away to avoid major water damage inside.

Clogged or Damaged Gutters
You may not consider gutters to be a part of your roof system, but they play an important part when it comes to keeping roof leak repair to a minimum.They take rain water away from the roof and the foundation of your property, preventing water from backing up under shingles or ending up pooling next to your foundation. Your gutters can become clogged by debris, causing rainwater to back up, which means another roof leak repair.

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Poorly Sealed Valleys
Roof valleys are where two roof planes come together to create an inverted corner. They can add a dynamic roof line, but these areas are also weaker than other areas and they can collect water. If the leak is coming from a valley, you’ll see a line of water running where the seam occurs, and you'll need another roof leak repair. New leak barriers could be needed. A new layer of shingles keeps the water moving down the roof and collected by the gutters.

Your Roof has been Damaged through Use
Many property like to do their own roof leak repair to keep costs down. While DIY roof leak repair can save money, it might also result in the need for major roof leak repair. Walking on the roof can cause damage to the shingles and the underlying structure. If the roof is already damaged, one wrong step could cause a major roof leak repair problem that can be hard  to find.

Its recommended that homeowners call a professional roofer to come out, inspect the roof and perform any roof leak repair needed. Roofers are trained to know how to care for the roof and complete any repairs without causing more damage. Also, they are more likely to find a leak that might not be visible from inside the property, potentially saving you money and time. When you need a reliable roof repair company to help you, give Mikku and Sons Roofing a call at (623( 465-1068.

Repair or Replace Your Roof?

phoenix roofing contractors

Phoenix Roofing Contractors

When improving your home, you need to maximize your cost savings and make good, educated decisions. Especially when dealing with your roof. Your roof is made up of big, heavy materials that work together in creating a barrier to the elements for your home. When you have a problem with it, it’s difficult to decide whether to repair it or replace it with a new one. Here at Mikku and Sons Roofing, we're experts in all things roofing. You need to make an intelligent decision. We can provide you with all the information you need to make that decision an informed and cost-effective one. 

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Good Times to Repair. Eventually, every roof needs to be replaced. You need to know when the time is right because you don’t want to blow a lot of your hard-earned money on a big project that could be postponed. Consider these things: 

If most of the roof is in good condition, it would make sense to fix the trouble spots and problem areas to save big bucks, because, obviously, spot repairs are way less costly than full-blown replacements.

If you have wind damage, get in contact with your homeowner’s insurance agent because they may cover repairs. If it's minor work, like replacing shingles, it can be completed for relatively little cost. 

Regular Maintenance is Important. It's easier to repair an older roof when you're keeping up with regular maintenance and inspections. By doing the necessary repairs through the years, you will save money in the long run. Check yearly for dark spots or stains on your ceilings that could indicate damage, or paint that might be peeling on the underside of any overhangs. Have a professional roofing company, like Mikku and Sons Roofing, to come out and thoroughly check your roof to make sure there isn't any cracking in the caulk, any buckled shingles, any rusty areas on the flashing, or, if you have a tile roof, any brittle or deteriorating underlayment.

Phoenix Roofing Company

If your roof only has partial damage to one side, it would make sense to only partially re-roof – which would save you a lot of money. However, If you think your roof needs complete replacing, here are a couple things to consider: 

The age and condition of the current shingles, tiles or underlayment.

The climate you reside in.

The exposure to future damage that exists.

If any of these are a concern for you, then it might be a good choice to make the commitment and investment in a stronger, more durable roof. 



Do I Need a Phoenix Roofer?

Phoenix roof repair

Phoenix Roof Repair

Do-it-yourself projects are currently very popular, but, you should know when it’s time to stop being a weekend warrior and call in a professional for any of your Phoenix roof repair needs. Learn when it’s time to bring in the experts for the benefit of your home and your finances. A professional roofing companyy will help your roof look and perform at its very best, but they can’t make that happen unless you let them know when you need help.

Phoenix Roof Leak Repair

Make sure to Inspect regularly. You’ll want to visually inspect your roof several times a year, but a professional can climb on your roof and do a much more thorough job. If you  see any streaking, stains, buckling, curling or missing tiles or shingles, make sure to let your roofing contractor know as early as possible. Even if you don’t go up on your roof, you probably have problems with the materials if you ever see water stains in your attic, ceilings or walls on the interior of your home.

Phoenix Roofing Repair

Regular Maintenance is essential. Routine maintenance is an extremely important part of properly maintaining your roof. It will prevent avoidable problems down the road. No matter how simple the maintenance task might seem, you should leave the job to a professional who has the training, knowledge and experience necessary to do the job adequately. Your roof is your home’s strongest and most important line of protection. It only makes sense to do everything possible to protect it.

Getting Ready for a Move? If you're planning on putting your home on the market in the near future, you can definitely increase its market value and curb appeal by tearing off your current worn out roof and replacing it with a new one. By investing in the repairs upfront, you can sell your property for more than you probably thought. Even if you're planning on staying for some time, a new roof is a great way to improve your home’s exterior look for the better.

For all you roofing needs contact Mikku and Sons Roofing.


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